Monday, February 15, 2010

#2 ,another days work. The larger lobster trap was added last thing yesterday Feb.14th.Replacing a smaller one. The bottom panel is very small compared to all the rest and some of them get very interesting as you will see if you follow along with me on this adventure. Today is painting day with no running around with other life endeavors. Chuck will again be preparing the next piece for me while I work on
this piece above. Where you see the large black spot ,that is the very bottom panel ,I have it resting beside the larger one so I can finish the Lobster trap,then once the trap is done ,then we will get into our sea creatures and work on some detail on this panel. I decided I will take photos at the end of each day and share with you in the AM's before resuming painting for the day.
So off I go for now...drop by again when you can.


  1. Wow! Like a mystery movie ... this is getting really good! I shall be awaiting the next installment with great anticipation.

  2. Impressive Deb! You guys are doing an amazing job, can't wait to see it unfold!