Friday, July 30, 2010

folk art piece is done

It has been a busy past days and evenings with this one.

A lot of tedious painting and carving.

I like the colors and am overall happy with the completed piece.
This piece measures 3 ft. x 10 in.

Now today we will take it to Joey's and see what he thinks. That's all she wrote for now. I will let you know his reaction.

This AM and today in general I am not feeling my usual jubilant bike riding self. Just one of those days which rarely happily can say I seldom have. We have had a lot of bird activity this past little while since my Baby Crow adventure. Now we have our little Sparrow Momma and her four beautiful Babies who give us much entertainment with their games and songs ,them learning to eat on their own and at times demanding Mom to feed them still. This morning I looked out back and the bunkhouse door was open and there was one of the Babies , I could hear what her little head may have been thinking" gee whats in here? more food?" as she hoped on in through the door of the Bunkie and got up on the bed to then fly to the closed window and then got scared when she couldn't get out. I snuck in through the shop door and closed the door going into the shop from the Bunkie because I was concerned she wouldn't find her way out, but she did and all is fine and we will keep that door and any other in case these little noisy Rosie's do that again. Watching them in the bird feeder , all five heads bobbing up and down is so fun to watch. We also have a mother Grackle and her three Babies see above , I love all creatures but had never really watched Grackles before. I now am enjoying the goings on with them and have taken a few pictures of Mom and one of again the demanding Babies asking very loudly to be fed. I plan to do a painting of these birds, still working on it in my head. No update on our Baby Crow so again we pray all is well. I am watching and am excited to think I may look out someday and see Mom with Baby or Babies.

Bird's are wonderful, I still feel the wonderful comfort I felt when I rescued the Baby Crow and carrying her cradled to my bosom .Holding her gently but cupping my hands over her wings so she could not flap and get herself worked up. I believe she felt safe with me.

Back in Charleston we had chickens. We considered many of them pets but one chicken in particular was very tame and smart, yes Chickens can be smart, well when it comes to routine and food. Her name was "Millie" we had a little shingle mill up the road from our house a short distance but for a chicken it was a walk for sure. Well Millie would follow Chuck and or I to the Mill days and hang out with us treating herself to some new bugs. Need I tell you why we named her Millie? She also would come to the deck door ,peck at the glass ,to be let in and she would go to the dog dish help herself with a mug up and by the way our Great Dane "Tiny" would step aside and let the chicken eat. Millie would get her fill and walk back to the door to be let out. We loved it when we had company and she would come to the door, some of the reactions from people were funny.
It is Sunday morning now and :
I have an added update regarding the Folk art piece, Joey loves it I am so happy to say, but after looking at it and him seeing the two surprises in the painting of his children helping him behind the counter, he thought that was great but he has three beautiful children the youngest being only 2 1/2 and thinking in about a years time this little guy may notice his siblings in the picture so lets put him up front in the foreground where he is sometimes playing with his favorite things ,his trucks while at his Dad's Pizza shop. So we brought the painting home with us and worked on the baby yesterday afternoon and finished adding him just when joey arrived to take it home to show his family.You might say "Hot off the press"I let it leave without getting a new picture of the addition so on this coming Tuesday or next week as soon as he has it hung I will take a picture of it and post it for you to see. Other then that you can see it yourself hanging at "Joey's A-1 Pizza" Main street Liverpool Nova Scotia.

Early evening last night we had company ,Gracie's peeps . They dropped in on their bikes curious if we were up for a ride. But ,I have been in a lot of pain the last couple days, I must ride today whether I hurt or not. While they were here ,they saw the portrait of Grace I did, they read my blog and saw where I said I was going to do it, well there still are a few brush strokes I want to add to her wonderful face and when done I will give it to them and they will have it framed. It was so sad ,because that was the first time since loosing their Dear friend that they had seen her, my heart broke, but I pray that someday they will be able to look at this painting and have a warm and cozy feeling with their wonderful memories of a great companion.

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