Saturday, July 17, 2010

Emmas frame and other stuff

I had tried to re size Emma's frame with no luck, one dead frame sits here now, but being the recycle kind of people we are, there will be no loss or waste, it will be used somewhere. So we went to "Hoggie's" a local 2nd hand store here in town owned by Arther and Maureen, not a couple but partners in a great business, well there was Emma's frame. We bought it and now ,hopefully today I will get some work done on it in preparation for Emma.

So yesterday was frame searching as well as working towards small paintings day,unlike other surfaces canvas and such,there is work to be done on this old wood before I can even start sketching on it. So, come Monday I will be hard at painting. Today we will be blessed with a visit from our Clay :-) that always makes our day, although this visit will be with tears and heartbreak for this will be the first time he has been home since our little Eddie passed. Clay is a carver and I believe he carved something for Eddie's grave. Our Dear friend Brian is making a rot iron fence for around Eddie's grave for us,he is a Dear soul who lost his two very old small dogs only months before his darling wife Carol passed from being very ,very ill for years. God Bless her and him ,for he still carries so much pain and sadness because of his loss. We try as hard as we can to put a smile on his face if only for a moment and hopefully in time , maybe a long time , but we pray his days become easier.

This evening we are invited out to an annual Summer evening party on the edge of the water, Liverpool Harbor, every year at this time it seems always a threat of rain, this AM looks rather wet but this evening should be OK, so we are riding our bikes, we so enjoy our source of transportation during this fine weather. and it is cheap, and at times we are too.
I had to laugh, Chuck and I were talking this morning about the weekend we were Pirate's and about the person who asked if my grey hair under my Pirate hat was real..yup they did, so Chuck said why not put a picture of myself on my blog ,not so many years back and show you all how my long dark hair looked then..Thanks Chuck for reminding me...LOL so here it is. also in the same group of photos was this closeup of the painting I was working on in the picture, I like how it looks. So see my friend's I not always had Pirate looking grey frizzy hair.
This reminds me of what we did with Chuck's pony tail, he let his hair grow long because we were doing a lot of shows in period clothing back in the day. When he could take the long hair no longer or should I say he thought he was loosing too much hair with it being so long,we then cut it and I connected it to his reenactment Pirate hat and now if he greets a lady he will remove his hat ,hair and all. Speaking of keeping hair in 2001 Dec. 10th I had a serious operation, I had two bleeding aneurysms in my brain, went through the operation with flying colors thanks to Dr. Renn Holness retired now from the QE2 Halifax. The night before the operation My Dear Sister Linda , her daughter Kim and my Chuckie while they indulged in some vino ,braided my long hair in many , many little braids and when I walked into the operating room under my own steam that day and got up on the operating table for an 8 hour operation with oh so many Doctors and nurses buzzing around me, well leave it to me, I spoke up just before they were to put me under and said...OK, you can shave all the hair you need to but I would appreciate if you could save it for me so I can glue it into a hat, well sure enough when I woke in the recovery room I was given my hair in a plastic bag with my name on it, and I still have that hair today 9 years later. Now that was or could have been a very stressful operation, I was scared but I had a very Dear person pray with and for me, her name is Michele W. she is blessed with a gift and I swear that day she prayed over my Aneurysms and made all the difference in the world. We were doing shows then on a regular basis all over the Maritimes and even though it was only weeks since my condition was discovered that I had the operation .Thanks to Chuck ,for he could not keep his mouth shut about what was happening with me, I really on the other hand did not want to bring it up to people at the shows because I was there to sell and thought at the time that I would have rathered have the energy put towards making a few dollars because I would have to take some time off after the operation to get back on my feet, but he was so scared that he told everyone we knew what was about to happen to me and because of that I received so much good ,sincere energy and blessings from so many people, I now am so thankful because I was on many prayer lists , Thank you all , I know it made a difference. I was brave then, not really realizing just how serious it was at the time, maybe in a way that was a blessing for I was strong going in, it was only after that the rude awakening hit home. These days as always really , I cherish every moment and try and have as many laughs and hugs with and from as many people as I can, feel the energy...yes we can.
So enough for right now, off I go to prepare for another day.

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