Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Folkart piece

OK, Lynn and hopefully some others who may be curious about this commission I mentioned in a previous blog installment it is beginning to become 3 D, a lot of thought ,sketching ,saw work and gluing has been going on and today yet more. Take note, the character at the top in the 3D picture does not go there, I just looked and it strikes you odd, how he hangs over the top, that will change, he isn't glued in yet.Tedious work will start really with painting it and bringing it to life. You tell me, can you see yet, where it may be going and what it is about? It has been awhile since we have done anything like this, in the past I honestly believe there is not much we have not done or tried, our home has never been just a home, it has always been since we moved into a tent together at the "Ovens Natural Park " a long time ago, a home/tent/studio . This past couple of days one must wear steal toed boots around here inside because I am doing a lot of carving ,sanding ,rounding and small saw work right here at my easel. I figured out and those of you who have had a visit here and know just how tiny our home is can relate, I must rethink and make a few changes to my so called small space studio where I sit or stand all day and most evenings ,yes the TV , stereo as well as the computer must be within eye and rolling too distance or I can swing in my chair and stare out the deck doors unto the pergola and my song birds ,sometimes I just stare in a trance out that door, not like Charleston but very entertaining and inspireing with the antics of these tiny bird's who come back every year since we arrived here 3 years ago. Back this Spring I head a cry in the bunkhouse loft, to my horror I found who I think was our Mom bird stuck in the loft, she got in through a small open gap at the top of the window. Well, after trying to catch her I then removed the whole window while she hid behind some box's . After that I watched from the kitchen window and sure enough she got out. I then ran to the scene and put a screen up in that window, we will hopefully never have that happen again. After she got out of that situation she sang and does sing to me all the time, her and her little family. By the way , I think I heard our baby crow the other day so I am wishing all is well with her . So, back to the folk art piece, we have in the past made doll houses as well as Santa workshop scenes and other such things by sculpture ,carving right down to real stain Glass windows hooked mats finished pieces. So this is fun for us to be doing another simular to those. I will now be getting back to it and will return later with how it went today.


  1. It looks great! Remember the diorama you made of the old time Western gambler? I loved that piece!

  2. oh yes I do..I can see him in my head...LOL and his little gun and you know what...LOL

  3. I definitely want to see how this one progresses. It's looking pretty sharp already! :)