Saturday, July 24, 2010

quite a 24 hours with some of God's creatures..

Exhausted with adrenalin before dark our heads hit the pillow to awake this AM seeing no sign of the baby Crow, while still listening for her cry and worrying I checked my morning emails as usual only to find a bad news message from friend's who we dogie sit for .Their Grace a wonderful mixed breed ,who had a long thick coat was hit and killed by a truck July 22..I really can't write much about this having lost our Eddie just two weeks ago and this baby Crow thing on top of all this, I said I have a soft heart..I hate this, things like this pull the legs right out from beneath you and always pushes you with more then you can chew ,so to speak. So today I am preparing a canvas for a portrait of Grace to give to her People, did I mention Grace was named after Brian's Mom, their Love for this devoted friend ran very deep indeed. Here is a picture of Grace taken last Christmas when she stayed with us while her Peep's flew home to visit family, she loved to be outside in the snow and I would watch her and she would not move a muscle only when she woke would she shake off the snow. Like I said Grace spent sometime with us right before Christmas, our house is very tiny and to have a Christmas tree in our living room where we can see and enjoy it is a challenge at the best of times but when as we did right then have three dogs in this small space, our Dear since departed Eddie , our somewhat adopted daughter dog Laura and Sweet Grace, so back to that special fir tree I found that Christmas I couldn't wait to get it up because it was very narrow so I thought it would fit nicely but once up and decorated with my Mom's old glass ornaments as well as some very rare special treasures of old ornaments my thoughtful friend has found tucked away in treasure hunting places and thought of me . Picture this wonderful looking tree and all three spoiled dogs and Gracie's big bushy tail. Well, the ornaments were removed from the bottom to about the middle of the tree trying to save them from a "happy tail" this is when we decided to buy the fake palm tree in the Home Hardware window, it had already white lights on it and we figured we could have it in our little home with still my special ornaments adorning it and after Christmas put it in the bunk house where it is right now and put it back outside if we please to be brought in again next Christmas, it does the trick and looks just as nice as a traditional Christmas and is so over the wall tacky that it stands proud compared to a artificial Christmas tree. See photo above.
I just had a 6 year old neighbor drop by with his I will post and leave for now.


  1. I'm saddened to hear about Gracie. Lu will be sad too when I tell her.

  2. Thank you Lynn, I can't remember, I know you met Laura doberman looking diva but did you meet Gracie? huskey looking big tail, Gracie was here for a one day visit recently but I can't remember if it was when you were here, I know Laura was when you were. It is hard even when you only dogie sit them, the loss of Grace is very hard on us ,as all our 4 legged friend's..we Love them all.