Monday, July 5, 2010

Canada Day and Privateer Days

My goodness, you could not have asked for better weather. A lot of sun screen was used , hopefully by all. But one can't complain , it was beautiful and busy for all the events. I must admit, my feet and old legs were singing after 3 days on them. The fun we had made up for the aches and pains.

Canada Day I did sidewalk chalk art with the little ones as well as a lot of parents got into it , above you can see one of my Little Pirates and a couple of my little Artists.

Friday we went to the park with just a blanket and a few little treasures, more for the social life then trying to sell. In the picture with Chuck and the red blanket on the ground is our Dear Friend "Father Wayne Mills" who is home on vacation from Ontario, he surprised us by showing up that day in the Park, we knew he was due home but when I walked away and returned , there he was to my surprise with Chuck.

Check out the Lizard I actually touched, now that was something I had never done before , her name is "Sara" how sweet and she loves her Daddy and gets jealous when anyone gets close to him ,she then will give you the eye, yes indeed , the eye. The other shot of us with the two little Pirates and the other bigger Pirate "Christian" who works with Privateer Days ,running around looking the part and helping out with all the work needed done by a strong young man. Thank you Christian. This was Saturday at the Perkins house Museum for the "Pirate "display and costumes for the children, they learned all about Pirates and Privateering , myths and facts. The two young ladies in the picture were full of questions and I believe went away very happy to have been there. Sunday we layed back ,feet up relaxing.

Friday evening I went with a friend to take in some music in the big tent while Chuck went to bed, a smart move on his part, but I did enjoy seeing so many people who were home for the festivities from away, so the lack of sleep was worth it.

So many people come home during our Summer festivities and seeing everyone is a treat.

One lady who hasn't seen me in years ,it was so funny when she was reintroduced to me she said "Your all grown up" Now at the ripe old age of 57, that is something I never hear.

So life is back to normal, and I have to start painting again.

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