Friday, July 23, 2010

Baby Crows

First off, Emma's frame is done ,here she is in all her glory . This morning we rode by Her Ladyship and she and I had a great chat or snort in her case, she is a wonderful little tank of a dog with a big personality. She is hung here on our wall of fame for the time being,until we see just where she is going, and hopefully we can make a few dollars for the local SPCA and maybe Emma can help some more less fortunate animals.

Now I bet those of you who know me and those who may not know me so well can see by reading anywhere here in my blog how much I love animal's of all kinds. From a young Child to this old Lady who stares back at me in the mirror today. When I was a very young Child I thought I wanted to grow up to become a Veterinarian to find that as I grew I then knew I could never do it, as much as I want to help I can not get past the pain of tears and worry, I would be of no help when an animal is hurt, as much as I am ashamed to say,I am useless . My Heart is just simply too soft. Today as we arrived home from our AM bike ride I found a baby Crow right behind our parked car. I quickly scooped her up and brought her behind our fence wondering what to do . We have been watching the Crows we believe building their nest in a huge pine tree across the street two doors down from here, we swear that is where the nest is and has been since we moved here three years ago now. How this baby crow got on this side of the street is beyond me so I took her back over under this tree in hopes Mom would at least feed her. Come to find out from my two neighbor's this baby has been on the ground for a couple days. I called my friend who is an expert on Crows and wildlife in general Laurie Lacey ,he has written a couple books that I own "Black Spirit" and "Micmac Medicines Remedies and recollections" as well others. He suggested we leave it there and watch and see if Mom feeds her and hopefully ,maybe she will be able to fly soon, God willing no cat comes by before that. Oh ...the worry I put on myself me please..give me strength..

Every once in awhile I do a Crow painting,The last one I had sold ,maybe it is time for another.

Besides Emma and Crows in my busy enough life these days I have had to do a couple more small what I call tourist paintings , easy to transport in suitcases travelling. As well ,both Chuck and I are doing a little something different for us, or I should say it has been awhile since we have done this kind of thing, it is a painting but in 3D, I will share more as it comes along, I have it sketched out and have a plan and have had a great response from the person who it is for , so now that we have the go ahead, the work can start and I then will share more with you as it progresses.

So again I find myself trying to take my mind off this wee one by writing about our family of Crows from Charleston . When we moved to Charleston back in 1985 we noticed in our large old Oak Tree which looked out over the Medway River that we always had Crows hanging out in it, so we started feeding them treats and getting to know them . Over the years we studied them to great lengths and did a lot of research about Crows and their behavior and found ourselves literally falling head over heals ,yes in Love with our Family of Crows. We have many stories and experiences with these Crows but the one time we were lounging in our Kiddie pool on our deck looking out over the Medway river with the Oak tree within close distance . All of a sudden our Crow family arrived with two babies in tow and Mom left them with us while they went on a hunt or whatever but those Babies stayed there for the longest time. They were so quiet and stayed within our site but not moving much at all while Mom was away. Only when Mom arrived back did they begin then to squawk and move about. Well, yes we believe we were baby sitting that day and many other days, those babies were told to stay put and quiet and Mom knew we were there to watch over them. We have been back to the old homestead many times and do see the Crows but our Real estate Agent now believes our Crows hang out at her farm a few miles down from our old place. So they have chickens, goats and such still in their lives . We always had Momma Deer leave her babies between our house and the river while she would forage for food. You could barley see them, we only noticed from our upstairs window. She would leave them in heavy scrub bushes and if not for a little wave of their tails you could only find them if you had an idea where they were, which we did.

I remember our first chicken pen fence we built, it was woven sapling trees ,my, we had energy to spare back then, this fence was wonderful and looked just great but we ended up with chicken wire around the inside because of baby chicks getting out. When I think of those days and this time of year in this heat making hay, throwing hay bales up onto a truck then to deliver home and throw up into the hay loft, and the cycle began, one handled these hay bales a lot...and then to end up shoveling the hay one more time on the manure pile, to then yet again shovel it again when the manure pile got too high. Which reminds me of the couple seasons we sold cow and chicken manure , we made a few bucks doing that, we would take orders all week and on the weekends we would fill our little trailer and make deliveries in same areas, Chuck was known as "The Shit man"yes he was, now that is a title one may not want to wear.

As I sit here every once in awhile I hear the baby squawking and Mom calling,fingers crossed this all works out OK.I heard a lot of noise , the Crows were just chasing a gull away and our little baby was just about in the road, not sure if the gull tried to get it or not. I just got back from running out, stopping traffic getting the baby and putting her up further away from the road, I will soon have to take her some wet bread, the other Crows are or seem to be protecting it or looking out for it from in the trees but I need to see them feeding her soon. She is so cute with her wonderful inside pink bill, I so want her to survive, anyone out there have any suggestions?Please share.

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