Tuesday, July 13, 2010

all kinds of stuff going on this past while...

Yes , things have been interesting both great and not so great this past few since Liverpool's busy long weekend. The last couple days I have sat here trying to write and found myself deleting the words I typed because we were so heartbroken. Last Thursday we arrived home to witness our Darling Little 14 year old Pappillion Eddie take his last breath after not being necessarily in pain but not well for sometime. I believe he waited for us to return home that day to say goodbye. Now I will stop right here before I again well up with tears .

I want to rejoice with the memories we have of him, so I will continue now to share with you what I choose to do to help take my mind off this and bring a big smile to my face.

Above Meet Emma , I am doing a portrait of Emma to donate to the SPCA local animal rescue service . I have done this in the past for them to sell and hopefully raise some money to help our dear four legged friend's. Here is Emma from her first sketch and up to date but not yet done.

As well above I included one picture of our Eddie so you can see just how sweet he was. I will share more pictures and maybe stories of Ed in the future, right now this is all I can muster up.

But take a good look at Emma and try and think of a title for her painting, tell me what pops into your head when you look at her darling face? I will share just a couple titles which we have thought describes what we see in her, she has attitude , likes to eat Bicycle tires,is a rescued dog but is a "Lover" and "Beauty" for sure, Chuck and I have always had a fondness for English Bull Dogs and discovered Emma on our bike rides. We now pass by her everyday and she always puts a smile on our face's when we see her lounging outside on her porch,what a body she has, built like a tank ,a sturdy girl with plenty of personalty. I want to do her justice in my painting of her...Two titles I am thinking of are " Cutie Patutie" which we really like, it is one of our favorite sayings or something do do with "Diva" come on ,put your thinking caps on while you watch her painting progress and help me come up with something good..Lynn your great at thinking outside the box...LOL..take a close look over the next day or so.
Speaking of Lynn, this past weekend we had company, My Cux Lynn Sponagle fellow artist, art in wool and beads, check out her blog and work, she is one of my followers and a very talented as well as full of life and fun person. She and her, and now our new friend Lu spent a day and night with us. thank you ladies for you really did take our minds off the last week. You ladies promise us you will return... :-) so right now I will get back to painting.
It has been a few hours since I wrote in today's blog, I was here working on Emma when we decided to head out on our bikes for a short ride and you know who we saw again on our trip? yes indeed ,Emma and her Mom Lynn. We stopped to tell Em and Lynn that I had started Emma's portrait and we got to pet and make of her Ladyship Miss Emma and I got to really get a closeup look at all her deep wrinkles. All for now.


  1. Great work Deb. "Her Ladyship" looks amazing.

  2. Thanks Lynn...and you know "her Ladyship" is on the list of titles...she is a blast..and deserves such a title...