Wednesday, July 14, 2010

leaning towards at the moment...

" Her Ladyship" the Diva Emma is coming along just fine. I worked on her again yesterday afternoon and last night, I have a tendency to become so involved at times when I am having fun with a subject like Emma. I changed her background, it was way too busy for her , this background is much better with still some of the rainbow colors showing through. As well I decided to have her sit in a basket ,which stills needs much work.
Chuck and I may have a commission to work on together in the near future. I won't let the so they say "Cat of of the bag "yet, but it is a local eating Establishment and they want us to do a folk art type 3 D painting for a wall, we need some photos to work on a layout. Will keep you posted when we begin. But right now ,it is still ,all about "Emma"


  1. I could not believe this picture when I was told about it! Emma is my little fur sister and your picture of her could not be more adorable or accurate! I actually took the picture you are working from and I am so happy you chose it to use because I think it shows her attitude off perfectly! I can't wait to see the finished product.

  2. Thank you Ali,
    she is a sweetie and we so enjoy her.
    I couldn't resist painting her. she is about done, thinking of a frame right now, check back, to see your sister...complete and if you are ever in the area drop by.