Friday, July 16, 2010

Emma is done ,waiting on a frame

Our girl is done as far as paint and she is waiting on a frame to suit her. I have a great black frame but need a good carpenter to re size it for me.

Painting Emma this week did just what I knew it would do and I so enjoyed working on her deep older Lady wrinkles.
now ,today, I must work on getting a start on smaller paintings to replace sold ones for Fort Point and gallery. My smaller paintings of local fishing scenes are popular for those folk's travelling and I work at making them affordable . I have been told so many times that my small paintings are given as thank you gifts for friend's and family looking after homes and pets for those travelling. These paintings are easy to transport in a suitcase or bottom of a car trunk, unlike canvas , no gentle care is needed.
Check back ,as soon as I have Emma framed (for being so cute) I will post her here.

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