Monday, July 26, 2010

a group of cyclist's

Today Monday morning I went on my usual routine bicycle ride before the morning heat hits and to my surprise while I am turning into Fort Point to do my loop past the house where our Emma lives with her Peeps , I came across a large group of cyclist's going the other way who had stopped waiting for all to catchup , I saw them yesterday Sunday pass by our house during all that rain we had . After seeing them go by yesterday ,so wet and miserable ,they reminded me of Mary Ann and Dave who stopped by here in the rain on their bikes awhile back and them in their 60's and seeing all these young people thinking how nice it will be someday if they are in their 60's and still riding, like they do now. Thanks to people like Mary Ann and Dave , folk's like me can see that indeed it can be done, not that I am going to do it. I stopped and had a little chat with some of the cyclist's and mentioned that I saw them yesterday and asked where they stayed last night ,which was at the " Rossignol Cultural Centre " here in town. I gave them directions for the grocery store ,wished them a great trip and thanked them for inspiring me . After saying my goodbyes and sad that I didn't have my camera with me to have a picture taken on my bike with them, I could have had so much fun , sharing the picture here on my blog saying I joined up with this bike group for a long trip ...bye, bye all, I know you all would believe , why would you not? knowing how in good a shape/NOT Chuck and I are in....My goodness, I made a "funny", anyway ,as I came back around from my Fort Point loop they were just getting going so I went past them, my little legs pumping hard to get ahead of the leader ,as I passed him I said "follow me"....working so hard to stay in front I lead them right up to the Post Office corner in town where they were to make a right hand turn. It must have looked funny with me in the lead of all these young cyclists about at least 20 of them,me on my 6 speed "Campas Cruiser" with my cute little orange wicker parcel carrier.

Happy trails Kid's. Maybe I'll join up with you next time....oh where is a camera when you want my cute little carrier next time for sure. I am off now to work on the 3D piece Chuck and I are both working on, I was killing some time waiting for Chuck to do some saw work for me.

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  1. I'm really interested to learn the details of this piece you and Chuckles are making. Can't wait for you to share.