Friday, August 13, 2010

meet who has been keeping me on my toes all week

Meet......Miss Lou Lou Belle purebred Border Collie who is simply too cute . Belle belongs to Ann and Brian who I mentioned in a previous blog posting lost their dear Gracie just weeks ago now, just after we lost our Eddie. They had to fill this sad lost hole in their hearts with Puppy energy unlike us they decided not to wait and here we have Belle, who is a wonderful young Lady, she was born in May and besides looking for a bit of puppy mischief once in awhile she is a gem who we are happy to puppy sit while her Mom and Dad go to work . Being still so young she comes here to Taylor Day camp where we romp, play ball and have our pink belly scratched all day. She lays beneath my feet while I paint and gives still her sweet puppy breath kisses. As well as our sometimes adopted Laura who is here quite a bit, between these two four legged friend's we are finding it easier without our Eddie.
Also here is a picture of Emma the English Bull Dog I just finished sitting in her "Peeps" car, my she looks like she fits in there like a glove..this Girlie has class. She came to visit us with her Dad to take a look at her portrait and right now they have her painting at their house and are looking for a perfect spot to hopefully hang her for all to admire. She is a Dear older Lady "Miss Emma."

I just finished a commission on canvas of Carters Beach but until I hear from my Client because this painting is a gift , I can't share it with you just yet but I will soon. It had been so long ,shamefully I say since we ventured to Carters Beach, typical locals, live right on the Beach but never actually go there, yes I will make a point of taking time off and going more often in the days to come. Since last there the Beach has changed some because of bad storms so it was due time I get there and take some new photos ,which is exactly what I did and I have some wonderful shots for future paintings, I was inspired beyond believe with this visit to Carters on such a great day. I have been sending people to Carters many times over the years and just recently . I was telling a mom and son about it the other day, folk's visiting from away and the phone rang yesterday ,they called to ask again how to get there, yesterday was a wonderful day and I hope ,well I should say, I know they had fun and I bet they found some shell treasures.

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