Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Donation to the SPCA

Today I passed over a check to the local SPCA animal rescue which was kindly donated by Lynn and Dean Dennis owners of Garrison Hall Retirement Residence Fort Point Liverpool NS., they bought the portrait of their English Bull Dog "Emma" I had done ,as I said in my previous blog installment Emma always puts a smile on my face and when I lost my Eddie this Summer ,well I needed a smile, knowing well that I would be donating this painting in memory of our Eddie but at the time not thinking of who all would be interested in an English Bull Dog portrait if you did not own one. Me on the other hand loved having her hang here for the short time she did, I think she adds happiness to a room with her charm and warm colors. She now hangs in one of their guests rooms and I hope they enjoy her. So Thank you Lynn and Dean for I am sure this money will be used to help hopefully many of our four legged friend's for years ,indeed ,they are our devoted friend's and I encourage all out there to do what you can to help in no matter how small a way.

Here is a photo of one of the SPCA's unfortunately too few volunteers Jocelyne receiving the check from me and another picture of the portrait of "Em's".

I just finished a portrait of a cat "Tryna" I am sharing a picture of the painting and the photo I did it from with you here now because her Mom has already seen it via email and I am shipping it to her very soon. Our Dear pets , they should and are so loved by us.I will leave you with that, for right now I do not want to end my good feeling glow with the thought of how some people treat our friend's, animal or humans.
Be nice and share for we can't take any of it with us, we must leave what good we can in this Universe for those left behind to then share and leave with those they leave behind, and it goes on and on and on.

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