Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Queens County Beaches

I am still working on and thinking of our white sand Beaches. Here is a barrel lid painting of Summerville Beach from a photo I took last Sunday. As well a photo I was given on Sunday from my brother, someone found it and thought he would like to give it to me, gee Thanks, for I completely forgot and dare not look in the mirror for with shock I may forget again and I would not want to do that after seeing this, for I was cute , back then :-) weren't we all? LOL
Even though we have not travelled far from home these past few Months I am still really enjoying the Summer, I am riding my bike a lot and meeting very nice people. I mention this all the time because I so Love people and I have had some really great Folk's come through my door . Years past we were always travelling in our Charleston later years all over the Maritimes doing shows ,some smaller but our share as well of those 4 day shows which are wonderful for the adventure and meeting so many people out there. These days I must either get out which really does not happen or try and entice them to drop by my Gallery here in Liverpool.
I have been painting my little heart out ,working on finishing up commissions and this past Summerville painting. I have two meetings this week with clients regarding commissions coming up. After these are completed my plan is to do a series of local Beach scenes, see how quickly the sand and salt get back into your veins ? Yes it has always been there but was drying some until I wet it again with these recent Beach visits. Beach Meadows is next on my list and I can see a couple of these paintings in my head as I type.
When I was a baby I was told I slept in a small crib in a tent on Summerville Beach, today you are not allowed to camp on the Beach, so I am happy to have done that and have the memories. I was talking with a Gentleman younger then me who's family camped with us way back when the other day and we were remembering stories from the past on that white sand Beach.
As a growing teenager I would arrive on the Beach sometime 6 AM mornings and do yoga ,I remember one early Morning later years when Mom had the cottage , I went down on the Beach to do my Yoga looking out unto the ocean , watching the sunrise in the sky, feeling the warm early morning Summer heat ,in my bikini, looking so fit when I tried a split and because I was on sand I slid all the way down into my split, not that I had planned to go quite that far, well when I managed to get to my feet again I had hurt my groin and could barley walk back to the cottage and Mom, God rest her soul was concerned but looking at me she burst out laughing because she was always warning me to be careful with some of these moves , well she was right that day, I was walking in pain for a couple days for sure.
She and I every spring would go to the Cottage and spring clean, so much sand the dead flies. It was so cozy there,the two bedrooms were stuffed with beds and when it came time for bed we were just like the "Walton's" the walls were so thin , sometimes we would lie there and talk and giggle through the walls until sleep caught us and took us into a dream world of sand and surf dreaming of tomorrow and another day in our Little piece of Heaven. Speaking of sand , back then, there was no bath tub or shower at the Cottage and we would go to what was called "Bear Hole" which was a swimming hole up the Broad River which flowed into the Ocean in Summerville. There were huge boulders , wonderful rocks to lounge on in between swims in this natural swimming hole. The water was deep , warm and brown in color. We always would wash our hair there and your hair would be so soft and your skin felt silky after washing off all the sand and surf in this wonderful place .It has been a few years since I walked to Bear Hole , I believe I will again some day soon and maybe I will be inspired to do a painting of our dreamy swimming hole sometime in the near future.
Well I must go and get my day on, another beautiful day in Nova Scotia.


  1. Of the five years I lived in Liverpool, I'm sure I spent 3 of them on Summerville Beach. Carter's is still my fav though ... oh the sand dollars!

  2. That is a stunning photo of you! :)