Saturday, August 14, 2010

beach day today

I have mentioned before how I send people to our near by to die for beaches, meet this young couple ,Gabe and Teela who came by my Gallery one day last weekend , I then directed them to Carters Beach to actually run into them at the Beach later that day myself, I love meeting people and it was so special to see them again and take their picture at the beach , come back sometime ,all of you , make my day, visit me again. Return to our little Paradise we call Queens County.
Well yesterday Friday was another busy day here with company ,very special company ,our wonderful neighbor from Charleston, a little younger then us ,this lady is a gigglier and we had some good ole times when we lived next door to each other, we laughed many times over the years and spending time with her brings back all those memories of those great years in the Country, on the Medway.
As well yesterday I had a group of folks drop by and first off all I saw were Tattoos and then to my surprise there was our Darling friend from way back who had a lot of pain with a sick child for sometime, who I am so happy to say is doing well today and has grown into a fine young man. Her sister and Mom were with her, as well as her son and nephew.
We puppy sat all week and it kept us busy and was funny watching the goings on with Belle..."Lookin for clues...lookin for clues" "what is this and can I get into it?" "Oops, she caught me" "Who's shoe?"
We are headed for Summerville today for a family BBQ, I will be taking some photos for future paintings, it should be a great day, it will be a great day. The above Beach photo is of Carter's where the brook runs into the Ocean , you can see just how warm the water looks there and is.


  1. Carter's is stunning and we sure enjoyed our visit to those white sandy shores while there visiting Mom & Dad (Anne & Brian):O)

  2. Hi...Yes...Carters is so wonderful.
    By the way your new fur sister, sooooo cute, and loved..she puts a smile on everyone's face.