Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Celebrating life

This week I have been fighting with a head cold which just will not give up no matter how much I try to be positive and healthy.
I am sharing this painting with you of my "Plover's" today for a very special reason ,Clay (my son)and I many years ago now were the reason Summerville Beach had a detour closure along the Beach for a couple days, we found a Plover nest and the goings on from Mom and Dad plover were so interesting, the way they were trying to get our attention so as not to have their nest and eggs discovered, why they choose right in the middle of the Beach, who knows . We called the correct authorities and we were so happy to help these bird's but other's were not as happy because of the Beach closure..we had to do what we had to do:-) these are beautiful bird's ,how they dance along the shore line and fly off in such a cluster. Celebrating life as they do,and the joy in their celebration brings to mind my Dear friend and once music Teacher Dorothy Killiam who is in her 98th year of a trying life at times but always she took everything given to her with so much class, Dear Dorothy is in the hospital and is not doing well. I haven't been able to see her in the past week because of the fact I have this nasty virus and dare not share at the hospital. But ,she has been up front and on my mind, I remember so much about her,but one of my favorite times spent with her was when I was very young and she was my solo instructor for the up coming annual Spring of the year Music Festivals. I went to a little school called the Gorham school my first 3 years of my schooling and it was where the Liverpool Fire Hall is today. In the New Year after school a couple times a week I would walk to Mrs. Killiam's house for my lesson. I became friends with her daughter years later but she went to a different school then me back then and we hung out together when we were older. During my after school lessons I would hear my now friend in the back of the house talking with her Dad,he always seemed mysterious to me, he was neat as well and I remember years later when he was older , he would sit out in front of their house with his pet Guinna Pig, and I would sit with him and talk with him while petting his Dear pet.
Dorothy would still have her Christmas decorations up during my lessons and I always remember a gold colored mobile of Cherubs which moved around when you would light the candles under it, all these years I have been looking for one of those.I see this still in my head and have many times mentioned this to her and my friend. When we moved to town not long ago ,she was still living in her home and I would see her walking to town in her Tam , beige Trench coat ,gloves and scarf. This lady is special and at this very moment she is on the slid of life, the rude awaking we all must endure. My Mom died so very long ago now, in her 53rd year and I so wished I could have been with her for some what longer, I see Dorothy at this age, Thank God she was always healthy and independent and seeing her while she has been in the hospital these past weeks breaks our hearts because we see her independence taken away , maybe my Mom will great her on the other side, maybe she knows just how much Dorothy influenced me all these years and how much I wish she and I could have had the years that my friend was blessed with her Mom.
Lately ,it seems always to be and at this age ,we notice and feel just that much closer to our demise. As hard as it is to hang in and stay here and heal from the loss of our loved one's passing,I honestly believe we are all here for something special,it may not be big, it may not be wealth,it may be as simple as putting a smile on someones face, so small in gesture ,so big in meaning. This is what Mrs. Killiam, my Dear Dorothy did for me. Valentines Day I took her some Chocolates and she said the most beautiful thing to me and I will never forget it as long as I live, she referred to me as "sunshine" and considering we were in a dreary hospital room, I am Thankful I could have brightened her day, for she did mine.
Thinking about Dorothy and the fact she may soon be making her final journey ,at even the thought of celebrating such a wonderful Woman's life when she is gone ,just breaks my heart, so I want to put it out there, celebrate everyday, any day you can. Give Thanks to whatever God you Love for we need to believe in life as well as the after life and we need to think and feel for those who no matter how bad you think you have it,there is always someone out there hurting even more badly, beaten by what we call life ,knocking you down,tearing your heart out with sorrow. I attended a funeral of a young man who died in a tragic accident a while ago now, some of you reading this may know who I am referring to. There was a young man who was one of the survivors of this dreadful crash at the funeral crying profusely , I was compelled and believe I was taken over by a higher power that day,I went to him and whispered in his ear" you were spared and left behind for a reason, a good reason and someday you will know what it is ,but your heart must be open and you must listen. You will heal,through the love you had for your friend and his memory." He looked at me ,someone he did not know and he said with tear filled eyes"Thank you ."After the funeral ,when leaving the Funeral Home I ran into a very Religious friend of mine and he and I hugged and that was the end of a very spiritual day for me, since then, we have buried young and old friend's. God give all those who are suffering strength in Love.
Mrs. Dorothy Killiam Passed away on March 6,2011, Rest in Peace Dorothy.
I am doing a watercolor of Dorothy and will share it here with you all soon. Here is the watercolor of Dorothy, I asked her to help and guide me while working on it, I hope I captured her shine, for she was a great Lady indeed, and I pray I did her justice.

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