Monday, March 28, 2011

a special Lady indeed

I have been painting up a storm this past week and will post a picture of it here as soon as it is complete. But today I want to share news about a Dear Lady ,Margo Zwicker who is one of those people who volunteer at just about everything and seems to have endless energy and a contagious laugh. She always makes everyone feel welcome and special. I first met Margo in 1985 when we moved to Charleston . Our first meeting was just after we moved in and we put our baby in his stroller and we wheeled to the local Charleston Fire Hall for the Roast beef Dinner..yum, still as good as it was then. We were greeted at the door by a lovely lady Phillis who we found out later was Margo's Mom. Phillis has since passed, an Angel for sure this Lady was and still is in Heaven and always will be remembered by all who had the pleasure to meet her. We were welcomed to the community that day and to our surprise, my it is a very small World, here sitting with Phillis was a wonderful soul who we met years before in Halifax at the Hotel we would stay at when I would be delivering Chuck to the Airport to fly out to the rigs, we became very fond of this Lady Grace and always looked forward to seeing her whenever we stayed there, she was our waitress and she took a liking to us as well and was as happy to see us and we were to see her. So this day we were taken aback when we saw her in Charleston , us saying what are you doing here ?and she with the same question for us. Well come to find out Grace and Phillis were best friend's and Grace often would visit Charleston and we were blessed to see her many times over the years after that, even though we no longer would be delivering Chuck to the Air Port, I guess we were meant to remain in contact with Dear Grace . She meant so much to us that I remember when we first found out we were with Child ,that we made a point of stopping into the Hotel to share our good news with her and after the Baby was born we again made a point of dropping into the Hotel to introduce our son to her and here she was still in our lives after we bought our new home in Charleston, I refer to things that happen like this as things that were meant to be.

So back to Margo, Chuck joined the Fire Dept. and I joined the Fire Dept. Ladies Auxiliary and the fun began. I was the youngest in the Aux. We had a yearly event with all of the Local Fire Dept. Auxiliaries and we called it "Fun Night" it was a pot luck at the different Departments where we would eat ,put on skits and laugh until you couldn't laugh anymore. Of course Margo and Phillis would be all set to put on a funny skit and I jumped right on board with them and we had some good old times, we even roped Chuck into joining us a few times. Now Dear Phillis was not as young as the rest of us ,but did that stop her? I say "Not"!! she was all set to do anything for the fun of it and we did just that. Since we moved to town in 2007 Phillis as well as Margo's husband have passed and we were so concerned for Margo but she being the person she is ,has stayed busy and still volunteering at everything she can, she has her infectious laugh still echoing everywhere she goes.Here are pictures I took from the news last Friday when our Margo was awarded "Maritimer of the Week" and check out all her buddies from the Seniors club ,and the Little Senior yet to be,( Little Girl) with her.

Whenever there was a reason to dress up for a skit or Halloween, anything at all, she is on board . As well as volunteering she also is extremely talented ,with her own Ceramic business back in the day.

I believe it is time for Margo to be recognized for "Provincial Volunteer of the year" she is very deserving of the title and I know her day will come. Hats off to you Margo...Hats off to you .

When I think of all the fun we had over the years, makes one feel very satisfied and fulfilled.We all try to do the best we can but for some people,very special people ,it all comes very easy and we are Thankful for those People, and this Lady is one of those Gems.

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