Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japan and friends there

Well the past two days has been a worry with all the devastation in Japan. I met a lovely Lady Katsue from Japan a couple of years ago ,she has come by my Gallery and we have become chums. A lovely hard working woman who's Love for Canada and especially Liverpool Nova Scotia has given her the determination to save and save so that she could return to our shores . She is a great friend of a lovely Lady who works for a local Elementary school here in town and Katsue has volunteered her vacation time to go to the school and share stories about her home land Japan with the children.
Before I continue I want to share the good news as of Friday 5 PM the day of the Quake,Katsue and her Family in Tokyo are fine but scared ,understandably. Over the next day or so I will hear more so prayers are being sent their way and I will return here with updates .
Last summer Katsue was visiting and she brought me a Japanese fan and made me two origami's as well she wrote my name out for me in Japanese. She is such a wonderful gentle soul who works so hard in a grocery store in her homeland,saving every penny so that she can return to visit with us all. Watching the news ,seeing what these people are going through is bad enough but to actually know someone from there and understanding and imagining what they are going through brings it all too close to home, very scary indeed.So our thoughts and prayers are with all of Japan and we pray all will settle down soon and that no more lives will be lost . I will keep my Origami's close and feel her energy and keep her up front in my mind and heart.
I have met so many people over the years because of what I do, and am very thankful for that, kind of makes the World a very small place and we are all one family.

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