Sunday, March 20, 2011

1st Day of spring 2011 and one of God's Creatures

I Was going to wait to write about our first day of Spring 2011, but it ended up being even more of a lovely day then I knew it would be and I couldn't wait to share . Our friend invited us for brunch with another dear friend and we went with camera in hand because we were going to walk the beach after we ate and I was planning to get a few scenic shots for future paintings, it being such a wonderful first day of Spring and all. Well look here at what we saw..above ,WOW!!! a seal.

Isn't she wonderful ? I say she ,I didn't get close enough to look and would have no idea really what to look for, if you get my drift ? After having a delicious brunch with great conversation and company ,looking out at the ocean, ate our bellies full and then we took a walk to a nearby beach, I won't share what beach ,because some people don't like seals and they,seals can be dangerous although they look so cuddly to me.

I must sadly confess, I think I had a pair of Mukluks that looked like Missy Seal back in the sixties, another reason why I won't share where I saw her, although here anywhere in the Maritimes this is a regular site to be seen on our shores especially in the Spring. Today was such a surprise, we were chatting with folk's we met on the beach with their dog and our friend's dog . The dogs were chasing their balls ,we were talking and enjoying the view, I thought I saw an orange ball beside a large rock and as you can see in the picture the orange ball was a piece of plastic and the rock was a seal. My friend said ,look ,there is a seal, she saw it move and me with my camera Iwas not going to leave without a good picture so I could then share here on my blog with you , well thanks to the gentleman who who we met today who took this picture and many of the better shots I have . Chuck had walked back to get the car and wasn't there to take the shots of me near and with the Seal and the Ladies had to keep the dogs at bay while I got closer to get a picture, as you can see by my stance , I was ready to run,and she did put on a show , I of course understand we to were making her nervous and I really did not want to stress her in any way although I had to have a few shots , so Thank you Bob ,we got some good pictures of this gem and me near her,thanks to you.

I remember when we were inshore fishing for a spell when Chuck and I first met back in Lunenburg late 70's ,seeing the seals sunning on the rocks just outside Lunenburg Harbor while we motored by ,heading for our Cross Island fishing spot.Watching them roll over on their backs exposing their bellies to the warm Spring sun.Today this seal was making some interesting noises and I think we might have been pushing it with getting too close ,but as you can see here, I wasn't anywhere all too close, I believe before we left she went back to relaxing in the sun and the dogs ignored her. The snort she gave and the little sounds coming from her were very interesting ,this was a first for me to hear these sounds coming from a seal.You might say she was talking ,so I told her not to worry and I would leave her alone, I believe she knew she was safe.You would think I just dropped out of some big city or from Mars with how excited I was to see this creature today? It has been all too long, living in town this past four years and not on the Medway anymore where I would see and hear so much nature around me everyday, having back then Coyotes stealing our chickens right from our back doorstep, seeing droppings from the old Sow Bear who crossed our property every Spring and Fall, she would actually walk down our river path, and would hang out at our River swimming spot on her way through and enjoy our apples. I remember one time my since departed Dad Mort and our son Clay who at the time was only maybe ten, he and Dad were camping down at the rivers edge for the night and one of our cows(Chloe?) escaped from her pasture and was in the camp site ,almost stepping on the tent, getting caught up in the tent ropes when being chased back into the pasture, Chloe being the way she was,not to be easily led, unlike her Mom Katie,who was a dear, we ended up selling Chloe. Dad laughed about that, he said,"it's never dull here" so true,catching pigs when they escaped and putting them in feed bags to get them back into their pen, have you ever tried to catch a pig and carry it? can't be done :-) but if they are small still you can stick them into a feed bag and put them in the wheel barrow and good luck from there. And when they get bigger, well I will share that story another time. Then there was the time our Catholic Priest friend, Father Wayne, gave us communion down at our swimming hole in Charleston and as he was doing his thing and we all felt so warm and spiritual, he saw me twitching and looking like I had a mouth full of news to share, he stops with the ceremony and asks me if there is something I wanted to tell everyone, here was a Momma muskrat swimming right there not feet from us ,with a mouth full of grass for her nest ,and not two feet from her on the shore here were our three pigs and Katie the cow and Pippy the goat ,they had followed us to the river ,right there, having communion with us. You see , back then I would see wildlife daily, here in town ,not so much. I Today it felt like a first for me, maybe we should all make a point of getting excited everyday over even maybe something we see everyday, look at things with the eyes and heart of a child, hummmmmm...sounds like a plan to me.

Happy first day of Spring all, and may we enjoy every day to come and always think of those who around us World wide have real hardships.

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  1. Nice pics Deb. I read some where that they are preparing to give birth & were warning people to not go near them as they could get mean.Cute,but they protect their babies as any Mama would. have a great day.