Thursday, March 31, 2011

lastest art project

I have been very busy this past couple weeks. Meet my latest art project a painted cow skull. Over the years I have done a couple of these and still have one very interesting large one left to do. I wanted this one to be very bright and I believe I did just that.So funny,considering all the feathers I have had over the years ,living on a farm and now that I am living in town, well no feathers. I was desperate for feathers only finding small ones at the local in town dollar store, no good for what I needed. The other day I put a want ad on Kijiji looking for turkey feathers but didn't receive any answers, so off I went again looking to buy feathers and finally in the other dollar store I found something I could use. The bright colors are from my sheep's wool supply for needle felting, I like the colors and it works just fine for the effect I wanted...color. A coat of spar varnish has been applied but I would suggest not hanging this outside in all weather but it could be put in a shaded area in Summer and brought in when raining, because of the fur.

Today is a beautiful day and I plan to hop on my bike for my ride, a stop at Frenchy's for a search for treasures and then home and work around the yard and make plans for Summer relaxing and clearing out the old bunk house, turning it into a gym room and putting the bed from there in what we call our bird house , which is a little shed that looks like a giant bird house. It will make a better place for company in the Summer, you will be able to fall asleep while watching the fire die down in the fire pit just outside the door. We have a window to put in the back and will have to build a screen door which should be no problem . There is so much work to get done before the weather gets hot, but no chances of that just yet. Yesterday was a lovely day and I saw!!! warm weather and flies. Unlike when we lived on the Medway River we would see the "Salmon Flies "and we knew Spring has sprung as well as black flies and I so do remember them...I still have my bug jacket from back then,would never get rid of that,just in case.

So I will take off and hopefully have a very productive day ,tomorrow they are calling for a lot of rain. Housework day on Friday and maybe drum in the afternoon, sounds like a plan to me :-)

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