Saturday, February 26, 2011

my Latest painting

Well, I made it past Friday evening , a week after my little once in a long time adventure. Went to bed early, slept like a baby . We had rain and wind and woke to snow and wind, but not all that much here, right in good old South Shore Liverpool NS. Still no pictures from that night a week ago Birthday Blast...may be better that way, I either broke the camera..or maybe ,we dare not share :-(

Last week I painted a lot and am working on this painting you see in the picture. Loving her wrinkles which you will see better when she is done.
Chuck picked me up a wonderful book the other day and it has so much in it, very inspiring regarding ideas for future paintings. I must set aside my brushes and do some needle felting.I have a few thoughts in my old dusty head.The painting I did of the old man in the wood has been given to our clay for his birthday, I have been working on another and will share that with you soon. It seems even though I look out and see snow, I feel and hear Spring out there, the other day while walking to the gym I heard the birds singing for mates, so happy indeed and looking for love. We are all thinking of building our nests new this time of year. My plan is to move our Bunk house which is our spare room outside in our little building into what we call our birdhouse which is a cute birdhouse style shed which houses our bikes at the moment. The Bird House will be great for a Summer spare company room. Just the right size for the bed. After we insulate it with wine boxes which I have been saving ,this cardboard from the wine box's is strong and great for what I need to insulate ,then I staple National Geographic maps which we have been saving as well for years and once I wall paper with these maps it makes great wall paper and educational at that. We have a small window from when we did our renovations here in our house that we will put in our new Bird House Bunk house and where it is located in our back yard you will be able to lie in bed and watch the fire in the back yard fire pit, it should be very cozy and I look forward to sleeping out there myself, especially during the drying time of our Spring painting of our bedroom floor, which we have been putting off for way too long now. I also plan to paint my kitchen cupboards before Spring and have been bad at putting this off, I believe the emptying of the cupboards is what is keeping me from beginning this project, maybe writing about it will get me off my tush and at it. I have decided that life is way too short and my plan this Summer is for Chuck and I to enjoy our coming years together by doing things and not sitting all Summer Gallery sitting everyday here. My plan will be to enjoy the Summer by getting outside and painting on site more ,anyone interested in visiting my Gallery should call first so not to be disappointed or look for my OPEN flag. I found the last couple of Summers great and I love to meet all who come by, but since the end of the Cat Ferry out of Yarmouth ,I as well as many others have found Town a bit sleepy. It would be great if it would pick up a bit more this summer, lets hope. But ,the way I look at it is I am working and producing no matter where I am, I like to be busy and I love to create ,so no matter where or what I am doing I will still be busy and as well enjoying the great out doors with my soul mate, and that would be "Chuckles"
We do have a lot of small and large chores planned for early Spring, and as always time needs to be made for staying abreast of the paint on the house and another big job will be shingle the south side of our house and shed roofs.With help from our dear friend and Clay and whoever else kindly will help, Chuck and I will be on cleanup duty, Chuck is no longer allowed up on roofs. This little house is a fine little house and we were blessed to have found it, if I could get a bathroom downstairs ,now that would be perfect, but it looks like we have a plumbing problem and that may never happen so will stop right now with that plan,or wishful thinking unless we put in a compostable toilet and I would have to sell a lot of art before I ever see that happen, so I will be painting up a storm and keep dreaming.
I was out biking just over a week ago now and decided to being my bike into the house ,she is living in my gallery right now, I will clean the salt and dirt off and ready her for Spring. We bought some exercise gear and plan to put it in the old bunkhouse and our plan may hopefully be to use it out there instead of doing a longer membership at the new fitness Gym planned for next year, the price as I mentioned in an earlier post will be going up and we simply can not afford a higher membership fee. I for one need to exercise ,since I started at the gym I have gotten my life and mobility back and simply can't afford not to continue exercising. It won't be as much fun ,not being there with what I call the rest of the "kids" laughing ,joking with the time flying by with laughter. So wish us luck with our plan to do a little gym ourselves. What should we call it? Everything needs a I was thinking of is "Gym Bobs"beats me as to why this stuck in my I ask any of you out there ,if you can think of a catchy,fun name for our simple shed gym...come on Lynn, you are witty ,clever and quick...can you think of something ?
Today is Saturday and I believe I hear a drum or two calling my name on this winter looking fact ...yes ...a drum or two for sure, life is way too short...must beat on the drum all day:-) and sing my little heart out like the "Song Bird's "
So ,till next time, I bid you adieu....


  1. How about Gym Boobs? " they were a-swingin'!" Hahaha

  2. The Shape up Shack! Don't give up on the gym . They may try to make it more affordable. If people cann't afford to go there won't be many useing it .