Wednesday, February 9, 2011

some changes

Changes ,saving money,it all can be good. This morning I decided to cancel my web site effective June 2011 . There haven't been a lot of changes made to the site in sometime, me not wanting to bother my Dear friend with making changes for me. I find my blog works quite well at introducing my more recent art and whatever other creations I love to do . Since we no longer do shows I find I have more time and the web site has become not so needed.

Above are two recent paintings "Mending nets" ,and "See shells by the Sea shore" oil on canvas.

I am about to start another painting , above is a picture of what it will be of, it should prove interesting and a bit of a challenge, considering what it is,which is a piece of firewood given to us many years ago by my brother when we were staying at the Cottage in Summerville , as you can see,we found a face in this wood , in other cases people see a Bear and various other things, what do you see? I look forward to starting it soon.
This past few Months I have been looking for and collecting up little props for upcoming needle felted pieces, my Gallery happily is a bit empty, I have a few items ready for the Tourist Season and fingers crossed it will be better this year then last. Which brings to mind the Yarmouth Cat Ferry issue, it not running made a big difference with US travellers in town last Summer. I must admit every time a Whale was hit by the Ferry,can't recall how many ,hopefully maybe only one, I don't know ,but I fear for our Marine life and am torn but do understand the need for something like another Ferry whether it be so fast ,who knows. Years back when the Cat Ferry first came to be we did a Trade Show in Bar Harbor and rode the Cat over along with our Son and very much enjoyed the trip, and the fact it was quick ,it took no time at all ,those days we always would see visitors from the the US but this past Summer not so much. And we miss them. Some days last Summer were very sleepy around here indeed. I rode my bike all Summer long and noticed very few Licence plates from the US,we should have had more.
It is a sign of the times ,things have become harder for people, I feel our society has become sadly those that have and those that don't. The middle income is disappearing, is it only me who feels this way? For instance our gym membership, I have seriously gotten my life back ,as best I can at this age with my Arthritis by going to the gym,I was going to Physio ,had ten appointments referred by my Dr. After being taught what to do ,to help myself and understanding about my problems, the only choice I had was to take pills the rest of my life and sit and wait to die or get exercise and help myself. My problem couldn't be fixed with walking because I couldn't walk,so on my bike I went , I started to feel better with weight loss but my feet were still giving me a problem, well since joining the gym I am bending and using my feet and every little bone is being lubricated and worked and this way fluid gets in between all of these bones and I end up with much less pain. But, and there is always a but, the gym costs , yes like everything these days ,I got a Dr's. referral for 1/2 price for three Months but after that it will be full price, now we are getting a new Queen's fitness center (gym )here in Liverpool, which is great as well we will be getting a new ice rink which will help the economy I am sure, this all was discribed to me as going to be "State of the art" but I have questions as to why there can't be something in place for Lower income people as far as membership fees , not just speaking about myself, the starving artist but all those out there who are having a hard enough time eating healthy and staying warm and just simply getting by,as well as Seniors who are on fixed incomes ,these people should have the opportunity to help themselves by working out and not have to pay an arm and a leg to do so. Someone once said , people will find a way to pay these fees but you know as well as I ,in this day and age ,they are taking from something like their healthy food bill or heat or needed meds in some cases. Changes should be made to help people help themselves health wise ,it will and can only benefit everyone in the end, if people stay healthy and active and in their own homes longer in their golden years and joining the local gym has proven this to me. Lets make it accessible to all not only those who can afford these fees.
Same thing with golf courses,curling ,and youth hockey etc., money is harder and harder to obtain these days,lets open up to all.So I guess really my title for this writing fits with this issue as well as my web site.
I would have to say in three words..."fairness for all" that is what it boils down to.
Actually today we missed the gym, we woke at 5:30 ,came down got ready to leave for the gym when i received a school closure notice via email and when school is cancelled the gym does not open until later in the day. I looked outside and there was nothing in the way of snow here, but this is how it has been most of the Winter this year with everyone around us in snow and we have been somewhat balmy. So I called up to the gym and to my surprise it was open only because Liz hadn't gotten the closure announcement so when she did get the news ,those early birds who beat the closure got to finish up and we missed out. We find we do better the earlier we go mornings but this AM we should have gotten up and went in even earlier. Not getting to the gym for a couple days I find I start to feel sluggish and not as well as I do after a good early morning work out. My walking has become better and I actually bought a pair of sneakers which feel pretty good ,which finding comfortable footwear in the past was next to impossible for me because of what I call the bumps on the top of my feet. So I have started what I call my Gym jar and pop in what I can dollar wise,but for both of us to join ,and Chuck needs the gym as much if not more then me, so I need to double my gym jar bucks.

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  1. You're preaching to the choir about necessary services being out of reach of many people.... I see an old man in the wood, like the one in the moon.