Thursday, February 3, 2011

1st snow this season Feb.2/11

Our 1st snow storm this Season was on Feb2 /11,

and it is a big one. I woke this Feb 3 rd AM to even more snow and because of the good job plowing the road in front of our house ,the sidewalk has disappeared under at least 4 Foot of plowed heavy snow. Check out my exercise bike, poor dear out on the deck all by her lonely waiting for Momma to hop on and ride, well be patient my Darling ,for it will be awhile before I get you shoveled out. Not that I rode it anyway for it has been sitting there for sometime. I prefer the scenery on my bike with the two wheels, I find the view boring from the deck and never anyone to say hello to. This will be our second day away from the gym because of the storm, if school is cancelled and it has been for the second day, the gym does open but later in the day once the school has been plowed out, by the time the gym gets plowed we will be tired and will have exercised by shovelling snow. I remember back on the farm, when we got our tractor and plow, for the first two Winters with the tractor we had not even enough snow all winter to use the plow, whenever it would start to snow we sat and wished for enough to play with the plow, no problem the 3 rd year ,we got to use the plow big time. Where is the plow now when I need it? not here . So trusty shovels in hand and a little bite at a time and we will get it. Our Dear happy Puppy Baby Belle had her operation on Feb. 1st and she is laid up or for an active Border Collie Puppy somewhat off her pins. She is coming here today to stay with us while her Mom works, we will have to shovel a bit out back for her and try and keep her occupied inside and quiet so she can heal and not hurt her shoulder . Above is a picture of Baby Belle after her operation. Today I may have to be on the floor with her, she is a Dear Happy Puppy and my heart aches for her pain which she does not understand and not much will slow this puppy down and like I said I don't want her to over do it and not heal as she should. So Nurse Auntie D and Dr Uncle Chuckie will be right beside her all day today and spoil her even more.
I, while stormed in ,house bound have been painting up a storm and will share with you soon my latest oil painting. I am reworking another larger painting and soon must get to Bridgewater for supplies. Time feels like it is flying ,anyone else feel this way? In no time at all it will be Spring. OK...on that note I will dress and head out with my trusty shovel to clear a way for a hurting puppy to arrive.


  1. Wow it almost looks like my neighbourhood with all that snow! Poor Belle, she looks so unhappy being immobile. Good thing she has you to spoil her and give her love :O)

  2. If you want to see pictures of Belle's new coat Glynis put them on her blog. Hope you have a good day . They closed the school today I can't believe it on such a beautiful day just because of a little cold weather. Just rediculous!