Friday, January 28, 2011

oil painting "Summerville Beach"

I have been inside all week dealing with this bad cold, the first cold I have had in a couple years ,always joking and saying anything that bites me dies a terrible death...well it is being slow at dieing, I have been coughing ,trying to keep it from my chest ,I am sure it is on it's way out and I will be back at the gym come Monday. So here I sit ,dog sitting and as always busy and once I finished up the Sea People order I decided to do a painting I have been thinking about doing for sometime since taking some great photos of Summerville Beach last Summer ,here it is,still very wet of course being done in oils and just finished, I am happy with it and while my paint is still wet on my pallet I have chosen to do another smaller one ,considering I am house bound anyway at the moment,not wanting to even go to Frenchy's coughing and sharing germs. Although I would like too but won't ,yet:-( I think I am having a Frenchy withdrawal.


  1. You likely caught a bug on that silly walking excursion that made it's way into the Chronically Horrid. Hope it buggers off soon. This painting is amazing! I love, love, love the colors and the subject matter ... so dear to my heart.

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