Tuesday, January 25, 2011

sick and busy

Well, sad to say that Chuck's cold found me and stuck fast. He hasn't been feeling well for way over a week now and I have been positive in not letting it get me, I missed the Saturday Social walk because of this nasty virus , thinking by staying inside I could be a step ahead of it...but staying inside all last weekend did nothing to help keeping it at bay , this morning I am not going to the gym, I think I could but better not too, maybe I can hang inside again , and keep it from worsening and get some needed work on my little book done as well finishing up 12 Sea People for an order to ship out within the next Month or so for the States. Here is a shot of wizards,Angles and Gatherer's, still working on the Fairies their wings are drying and I will post them later when done. Just added the three Fairies.My plan is to have these all boxed and ready to go for when my client returns from her trip. So much more to get done with Winter product ,paintings ,but as I see it the pressure is off regarding orders . My remaining Winter plans are many. This Winter is so different ,no snow at all, here at least. I rather like snow,yes come March when we have a lot of snow and run out of places to put it can be frustrating,but nothing nicer then sitting warm inside working and looking out at the beautiful white stuff coming down to later go out and build a snowman ,yes I still like to play in the snow and hopefully always will. Would be nice to have someone else shovel it for me.My Children's book illustrations I feel are coming along nicely getting near the end,rather nice to have both Miss Laura and Baby Belle here together this week to inspire me, for this story is about Baby Belle and the fact she is always a " Happy Puppy" and Miss Laura who is our Diva. For someone who no longer owns a dog, I seem to have a lot of dog dishes ,toys and dogie beds here:-)

Last weekend I got a call from Madd ,Mother's against drunk driving ,they are having a fund raiser Hockey game coming up in February and were looking for Silent Auction pieces ,I donated one of my painted mats ,every year I as well as many Artist/crafts people am approached for donations, this has been the first time for Madd and I was only too happy to help. Of course that will be it for donations of course besides the SPCA, animal rescue ,for I always keep them on my list to donate in whatever way I can,they are in great need this year ,I was told, another disturbing story for another time.

So this morning once I post this I will get to work and stay inside and rest for tomorrow will be another day and I really want to hit the gym,amazing how one gets use to exercising and miss it when not there. Poor Chuck is on kitchen duty these days since his retirement,while I mess the house up with paint etc.etc. Gee last year this time I was getting started with my 37 ft. mural for a Lunenburg Inn, now that was a fun project, I think I drank a lot of wine during that project, and loved every minute of it. So I will be off and get back to work.Another day ,another dollar and work to be done,whether I feel like my healthy self or not.


  1. Your wizards all look like Chuck! ;-)

  2. LOL..everyone sees that...yes they do and now that I have sculpted so many over the years that it just happens...poor Chuck