Sunday, January 16, 2011

Social walk for Village on a diet

Congratulations to all who came out to do the social walk and help support the possibility of Liverpool to be chosen for the next "Village on a diet" the word is out that there were somewhere in the 300 number of folk's walking ,young ,old and four legs as well. So much fun and I for one was amazed I did it, only 3 km but because of the problems with my feet and legs from arthritis even a short walk a few Months ago would have been impossible for me.But I am getting my life back thanks to some weight loss from Biking all Summer and Winter and then we joined the gym where we are having fun along with getting in shape. I am on a program now and as well as cardio ,there now is light weight training ,working on the whole body and feeling like a new person because of the hard work, if i can get some mobility back from this and be off pain pills which I did not like right from the beginning, yes they may have helped a bit with the pain but to me ,it was not worth it. Better to keep all that stuff from your body if you can, exercise and diet do work,I speak from experience. I remember not all that long ago now ,when I would cry standing in the shower, my feet and legs felt like they couldn't hold me up, the pain doing housework would take me off my so called pins for a couple of days after doing these chores. Now I am a big believer and will share my story, you can get your life back,I am getting mine back and loving it. Although I will admit I feel it today,big time, but it is a good pain:-)I speak for Chuck as well, although yesterday he was feeling a little bit under the weather and maybe should have done a shorter walk but he did it and will be better for it.We went to the Crime prevention Breakfast before the walk and met a person who was highlighted on the first program "Village on a Diet" from Taylor BC. Melissa ,she is a lovely person and it was a thrill to meet her and now we can watch the show and cheer her along. Not much I can say about Melissa and no pictures because the show is over but still being aired ,you know all about those reality shows,Mums the word till it is over with:-)

Here in these pictures I am walking with a friend Nancy,coming and going shot and in front of our house after the walk with our Dear Friend Judy and her sister Susie ,these two wonderful people I have known it seems forever now, Judy and I worked together way back in the early 70's in a local Liverpool "People's" where my Mom was working as well at the time. I got to know Judy's family back then and have enjoyed their company since then.

Do you like my hat?It was a treasure to me when I found it, I am soon to be 58 and this hat makes me feel young while I have it on my head. Isn't life grand?Yes if we make it so.
I have been working on a commission from Labrador since Christmas and it will be picked up today.She is in the area for a visit and will pop by ,this little house was her Uncles and I can just imagine what life was like when she was a Child and visiting her Uncle ,Labrador and wonderful place , tilt your head. It is still very early AM,right and that is my excuse.

Next week I have to get back to my next commission from way before Christmas ,12 Sea People figurines for a Spring Shop opening in Connecticut,I feel better getting these things done and ready to go, I like to keep as much stress and pressure from my life by not procrastinating . Sea People are made in stages from sculpting the heads and take time to create.Always seems something else jumps on my plate and it is easier to just get things done and out of the way. My little Children's book is coming along, although I try and work on it when I can,the illustrations will take sometime and I want to give it my all so the more I get done and put on the back burner I then can bring that to the front burner and put the heat up and hopefully end up with something cute in the end. We had the puppy again last week for one day since before Christmas, she was so happy when she saw us, she really is a happy puppy who never knows a bad day. So again Congrats to Liverpool for getting on the fitness wagon.Go for it!!!!

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