Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy Easter!

I was going to wait and add these pictures on Easter Sunday but decided why not do it now. These may put an Easter smile on some faces which need just that. I have been doing this for years and have roped Chuck into joining me. I use to work for the Bridgewater Mall back a few years ago as you can see in some of the pictures for the Shriner's and Kinsmen and between Bunny sessions I would visit the Bridgewater hospital and nursing homes instead of driving back to Mill Village. Or would go shopping and stay in costume, rather then be half dressed as a Rabbit . If I had a penny for all the looks and smiles I got. The most heart felt moment was one day when I was visiting the hospital and a gentleman came from one of the rooms and took my paw and said "You are just what my Mom needs right now" God Bless her she was near the end and she smiled and laughed with me that day. I thank God for those moments I shared with her while in costume. So today after after doing this since at least 1990 I still find great rewards in trying to hop down the Bunny trail with the help of Chuck who had no choice but to hop on board. Sometimes it just makes sense to join in then try to ignore the fact your wife grows ears and tail once a year. Happy Easter everyone, Life is way too short not to have a good laugh every once in a while.I have outgrown many of my bunny outfits but the ears ,tail and feet always seem to fit. Don't forget this weekend March 30 ,Easter Egg hunt at Pine Grove Park for the kids 11 AM.

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