Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Young enthusiasm!

 Well there is so much I could and can say about these enthusiastic young artists and then again their satisfied smiles are worth a million words.They have been working for weeks on these paintings in the style of Claude Monet. The paint was flying week after week as they developed their own style of impressionism while learning about "Claude Monet" his life and work. To the point that a couple of them are doing school projects on him.

 I  find working with these children so rewarding and looking at these photos again says it all. You did a wonderful job guys.
I had to laugh ,last week a couple of my students were out sick with the flu and one Mom told me that one young man said, "I can go to art class if I take a gravol." Needless to say he didn't come to art that day and just as well , I have been fighting something off myself. But this week the boys will be back and again paint will fly, to again produce some wonderful works of art! That I will share here when they are done. Sadly last week I had a couple of paintings that left before I had  a chance to take pictures. But they were wonderful as well! I can only hope to inspire and fuel the spark that already exists within them.

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