Thursday, March 14, 2013

"A pain in the Butt"

It may have sounded by this title that I was about to complain . Not the case .This is my latest needle felting, She is a pin cushion and what better title but "A Pain in the Butt" for her. She is made with 100% needle felted wool besides her glasses and pins. She has a felt covered cardboard base which keeps her erect waiting to be pinned. I think she would make a wonderful Mother's Day gift for a special Mom who sews.This sculptures whole body front ,back,  head and arms and of course butt can be used for pins.
No pins in this guy, meet Louie who was our house guest today he is the sweetest puppy. Some of you may have met him before at"The Moss Pot " here in Liverpool on Main Street and those who haven't been in should. You not only will be greeted by great tasteful , unique products and art but will see Louie who I would say is the shops Mascot. He is a gem indeed and it was a privilege spending time with him today. When I have a new house guest such as Louie I tend to get  a lot of work done inside in my  studio because I want to watch and make sure he is doing OK and not getting into anything, which he didn't , a very laid back puppy. He even caught on to using the dogie door, he is a smart little guy. He was a treat. So thanks Louie for being the reason I finished this piece today instead of outside doing something else which probably needed to be done as well:-)
  I have been busy thinking of  getting ready for our Summer Season. Liverpool and its interesting history as well as wonderful beaches hopefully will be a bustle again this Tourist season. We don't do but maybe one show yearly anymore, very unlike past years, we wore ourselves out all those years of being on the road travelling from one show to the other.
So anyone looking for me ,and wanting to see any of my works or have a request. By all means drop me a line.

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