Sunday, March 17, 2013

"White Rabbit"

Well sometimes one gets on a roll, or I should say I get on a roll. This is my latest roll"White Rabbit" 100% needle felted wool sculpture. He has been on my mind of late and while I was busy making Easter Bunnies I thought why not? So meet the Man or Rabbit. Just in time for Easter!
And speaking of Easter I will be writing and adding pictures in the near future here on my blog of my many Bunny gigs and Bunny outfits from over the years. We are doing another Bunny Gig this Easter on March 30th in Pine Grove park at 11 AM . An Easter Egg hunt for the Kids. This will be the 2nd year for this event ,organized by some great community active ,busy Mom's.We have out grown many Bunny outfits and Easter bonnets over these years but our ears and feet have kept on ticking and as long as we do we will again next year adorn our furry outfits to bring a smile to faces young and old. Yes I am sure some of those smiles are darn right laughs, people wondering why in the name of all that is Rabbit  would we do this , well because we Love the Kids and having fun!! Why not ! Our way of keeping young.
So yesterday we had a late change in plans so I worked until late in the evening for me finishing up "White Rabbit" and I am so happy with the result.
There is talk of snow in the next few days, I do hope this is just that (talk) and doesn't come to be. My bike has been calling me, even though I will need to add a lot more air to my tires this Spring ,just to hold me up. Unlike the past couple years I didn't ride all winter . And It shows if you get my drift and I don't mean "snow drift".
Not sure but maybe today I will start another needle felting, I am thinking fisherman, standing beside a barrel and net. I love it when I can just take the thought ,find something mindless on TV and sit and needle felt which for anyone who doesn't know this medium is poke ,poke and poke a lot more with a bard needle and a large sponge and raw wool. I will share here when finished.
Oh and by the way"Happy St. Paddy's Day " to all out there who celebrate the green!

doing wha tI refer to as a gig again this year at Pine Grove Park here in Liverpool, an Easter Egg hunt for the Children. A lot of these children know us so when i get that

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