Thursday, December 2, 2010

something old,something so new

This sign is as you can see from the United Church in Mill Village... the story on this is as follows. We moved to Charleston Mill Village in 1985 as I have mentioned here in my blog many times before and when our son Clay became old enough to go to Sunday school ,the only local Sunday school class was at the United Church in Mill Village, several combined denominations.

I taught Sunday School there back then and of course I was known by the locals and was asked if I would refurbish their Church sign by updating the new Clergy .So over the years while living there I would happily to this for them. The last time I changed the name was just before moving to town from Charleston about four years ago. Never really thinking about the sign these past years while here in town. Well,the other day the phone rang and it was a member of the congregation asking me if I would update their sign again. I was surprised to hear from them, I thought they would have forgot about me by now or maybe find someone else nearer to them to do it. But, I was tickled pink and pleased that they did remember me and I was only too happy to help them out, my hoping there might as the old saying goes, be " a Star someday in the sky with my name on it??" So the sign was brought to me and as always I get them to give me the new Clergy's name written down by them so I get it just right and to my delight, knowing this but not realizing it was this Church? our Dear friend Peter Anthony's name was on that piece of paper . We knew he had been studying hard for sometime to get his own Church. I have known Peter for many years and he taught our son back in the lower grades. Peter decided to change his career and do what he dreamt of doing. Congratulations!!! Peter, we are very happy for you . So I have been working on the sign the last couple days , redoing it front and back and re lettering in honor of Peter's new posting . I removed all the old cracked paint and gave it a new face lift. It will be bright and cheerful for it's new Boss Man, Peter. Now this is what I meant in my title by,something to the new...which is a "GYM" amazing I can even spell the word Gym..for ,since I was a child , I have Kayaked and Cross Country skied , but never was one for shamefully exercising in such places as Gyms. I have worked very hard on the farm , in the hay fields, woodpile and chasing cattle through the woods as well as swim everyday ,Spring,Summer and Fall in the Medway river, but the inside of a Gym was very new to me. I went up awhile ago to get a quick feel as to whether or not I could do this and to my surprise today was my second day with my new found exercise,not so bad ...seems to be working for me the Gym experience.I am focusing and careful not to over do it in the beginning. I only stayed on everything I tried for no longer then ten minutes each and not ready yet to try all that is offered there . I am feeling good for this new adventure and must be on the look out for exercise type clothing, gotta love Frenchies for that. So ,wish me luck, I may be putting my bike away for the Winter,then again if we have a nice day, she may call me from her shed and me being the caring person I am ,may have to take her to town for a run, we don't want her to gain weight over the Winter sitting idol.I Love my bike, walking has been a challenge with my bad feet and legs but getting some weight off has made a great difference and just maybe I will again be walking up a storm someday.

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