Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Beauty all around us...

I have been beating my brain trying to remember the day I saw this "Fire in the sky" just a week or so ago.Wow!!!I see a painting in the near future. Actually I have so many wonderful sunset and sunrise photos ,many from back when living in Charleston and so many from Summerville Beach that I am considering doing a whole series of paintings from these dramatic shots.We have such beauty around us all the time here on the South Shore,everyday ,always something to photograph. Today after biking to the gym ,I came home, changed and went out again on my bike . I did my usual run to Fort Point where I saw the most incredible ocean roll as the tide was coming in and the waves were huge . I stopped for a bit to watch and was so disappointed that I did again forget to ride with my camera. Or if one could have filmed the ocean as it slammed unto the shore over the smooth beach rocks to then roll back with the sound of the rocks as they rolled back over each other , such a sound ,so powerful. It has been awhile since I have heard that sound.
Last night here on the South Shore we had rain and wild wind, but woke this AM with no loss of power ,unlike many in other neighboring Communities. When we lived in Charleston the power was out whenever we had a bad storm, here in town,knock on wood ,we have never been without power in the four years we have been here. That is a good thing ,for we no longer burn wood and it just might be a bit more of a challenge without the kitchen wood stove to cook on . But we are survivors and I am sure would live through any loss we had.Plus we have nice people around us who burn wood...knock...knock....:-)
I have been seeing many flocks of birds this last few days, whether they were down because of the storm or headed elsewhere and the Ducks are circling mornings for a treat from one of our neighbor's ,so many I wish I could paint the sound of their quacks as they fly over our house.There is one pure white one amongst God knows how many others .I had a few more felties leave for new homes this past while and also have picked up a few neat props for new future felties. Last night I finished a dog commission. I have one more t0 start today as a gift and am putting the last minute touches on a gift or two but besides those I can say I am pretty well ready for the old guy in the red suit. I am sorry to say that those of you out there who in the past received my Bites and Bites, not this year, I refuse to do that to myself again this season...because of taste testing, quality control I always gain so much weight that this year I will take control and help you all as well by not sharing this oh so nice treat, one of my favs..oh well I will survive and hopefully you all will too. Back in Charleston when we fostered we made homemade root beer, chocs...everything that was delicious, we would make gifts from all this and then we all ,kid's and adults would divide up what was left and Chuck would be sitting evenings in the New Year with one of his Chocolates cute in two pieces with a piece of Old Cheddar cheese while myself and the Kid's would be watching him enjoy his treat because we all had eaten all of ours. We worked hard on the farm back then so we could indulge once in awhile with these types of treats and not really gain any weight, not so today. One more thing before I head off to start my needle felted dog , since joining the gym I have been feeling so good and I find my Arthritis in my feet has been better, maybe with the lose of weight, or the fact i am using the treadmill and exercising my feet, one thing I do know ,it is thankfully helping. I just may walk again...not really so bad ,but has been bad enough..wish me luck:-)

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  1. The Christmas tree looks lovely and you should feel very proud of yourself for getting out and exercising. Keep up the good work.