Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Santa business everywhere

Well I have been up to my ears in Yes Santa business as I am sure you all out there are doing your part as well, for the Jolly Ole guy is right around the corner.Liverpool is in hopes of getting a Farmers Market up and running for next Summer. So we are all brain storming at the moment. Anyone out there can hop onboard with this project ,if you are close enough to come and sell,super!!! or visit once it starts in May.Get in contact with me ,I will give you the info.

A few of my Felt Folk are on their way to Ontario to be given as gifts. Great to know they will be given to someone who will enjoy something different. The New Year will find me making a few new Characters as well I have some thoughts regarding paintings, I guess Christmas of course makes me think of the New Year and new creations to bring forward from my mind into the light. Liverpool has also been given an opportunity to possibly be chosen for a 10 week documentary "A Village on a diet" gosh!!!and Chuck and I just had to get on a fitness routine ourselves these past Months and both are going to the Gym and see a tremendous difference in our strength and weight, we may not be big enough for their show..we laughed and did consider it..but believe maybe we might be just under the I do really find I do my weight/strength moments most times better by myself, not being one to follow along with the crowd but to waver off course on my own. But this may be an opportunity for those who find it hard to get fit and healthy on their own. Some just can't get started without a buddy system. Actually I enjoy challenging myself, the Gym is wonderful, such a variety of equipment and you can joke and have a few laughs to help the time fly or focus and work alone . Happily I have lost weight ,which makes my problem with walking ,oh ,so much better..I am a new girl..almost.I am even thinking of getting my cross country skies up and running after their hiatus for the past 4 or 5 years. When living in Charleston it was nothing for me do do miles by myself on the old highway along the 103 in Mill village as well ski during a snow storm around the Medway River from Charleston to Mill Village ,back around to Charleston and ski to work when I worked at the Village Store, back then ,it was different , not much going on down there, I would wear a headlamp and had no problems at all except the times it would start to rain and the snow would disappear and I had to get a ride.During snow storms we would drive our tractor up the back road ,me sitting in a large fish tub strapped to the back of the tractor, one night, there was so much snow our tractor couldn't go through it so we all walked back to our house to play a few tunes . What wonderful days ,old time music Kitchen parties, Kid's sitting on parents laps ,eyes closing while listening to some good time sing alongs.
A reminder that any of my cushion floor mats are still at a very reasonable price till Christmas.anyone interested ,give me a call. Here is a photo of "Mona"and my "Gauguin "and yes you can walk on any of these I have more check past blogs for photos,or email me I will send along any info .

I still have a few felties at reasonable prices as well as paintings and some gifts still under $8. for anyone interested ,just call ahead. We are out more these days running around the Gym with the rest of the Kid's. I did get out on my bike yesterday after the Gym, I had to ,she was calling me, but I will be removing the air from her tires soon and hang her up after I give her a bath so to speak, she has a bit of salt on her from these Winter rides.
Check back here again soon and I will share a photo of one of the only or very few ever store bought Christmas Trees we have ever had, we like a natural tree, but this year because of dog sitting ,we had to do a table top..I like it and it fits in rather well, indeed.

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