Wednesday, December 29, 2010

getting ready for the New Year

Christmas has come and gone and we had a nice restful few days,plenty of sleep and as you can see in the picture above I was on my Bike Christmas morning and boxing day morning. What wonderful weather we had and are having. Snow will be here, all too soon.Some of you out there, have questioned ,teasing us regarding the Gym and the fact we are there and doing is proof.Loving every minute of it, I for one have gotten my life back by being able to walk better ,what I am doing has been helping my arthritis ,I now am a big believer and would like to tell the it.. this exercise stuff works!!! who knew??not me.Chuck has started his program given to him by Liz who is so understanding and good at what she does. I will start my program soon. By working with this program we as well as the cardio will work on the whole body, look out "Arnold"step aside make room for two buff old guy's ,that would be us...hahahaha but we are working on staying alive,OK ,I believe.
Along with a quiet Christmas a few tunes were enjoyed ,drumming is like exercise ,at least to me,I love my drums. I have not picked up a paint brush since just before Christmas,so will get back into my latest project very soon and I have a couple if not a few commissions to start soon and on top of all this I want to paint our living room, this house is small so it should not take long to do that.This morning we were remembering the days when we went cross country skiing in Mill Village ,skiing from Charleston ,Mill Village and back again, my skis today are being used as a Christmas decorations, I am thinking maybe it would be fun to get back at it,that's when and if we get some snow instead of rain.We will see.
Well I just got off the phone with a wonderful old friend Mary C...Love ya Mary, great talking with you . Oh the old days in Lunenburg..and the farm when we first moved in I remember Mary came to visit one Spring , I was soaking in the tub and out the window I saw Mary headed to the river for a swim, back then there wasn't even a path to the river ,only a deer path and the wood ticks were thick,but nothing would stop Mary from a swim in the Medway. Then one Christmas early years on the Medway Mary and her oldest daughter came for Christmas and New Years , what a wonderful time we all had, skating New Years Day on our little pond and Chuck working on a stain Glass lamp for me with the help of all in the house that Christmas, I still have that lamp and think about that year many times, homemade donuts made on the Kitchen wood stove and homemade root beer, homemade gifts ,tons of food and fun, remember that year Mary? So Mary and her younger daughter will hopefully get to visit us here, nice to reminisce and wonderful to make new memories.
Email me Mary. I look forward to staying intouch easily via the internet.

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