Thursday, December 23, 2010

another day closer and deeper in dept...

Santa's looking for a home...still here..

Merry Christmas to all out there in Internet World ...pass on the blessings to all you meet.

First off with this installment ,I have been holding back regarding information on a little project I am working on and it will come to be ,but my hopes are that it is a success. I have been working on a Children's book , my story board is done and I am working on the first draft of illustrations these past days while silent here from my blog. It is a book about love and happiness and it's star character happens to be this lively puppy "Baby Belle" who we puppy sit days while her Mom and Dad work. Along with her Dear Friend Laura who stays with us on a regular basis while her busy Mom is away. Belle is a Border Collie with much energy and I am, her main character when she is here,she never leaves me alone because Aunt deb is the one who always plays with her .When I am done playing I try and sit and paint or whatever I am always busy with while she sits and stares at me with her ball in her mouth, actually I can't even look at her and smile or laugh because she takes that as a lets I have been making up all kinds of stuff in my head regarding this Puppy,singing little songs ,poetry and one day the light came on and it is coming to be...with oh so much more work ahead of me, I am thinking that the actual writing and illustrating of this book may be the easy part. OK, we will talk more about that later after all the excitement of Christmas is over. As we all know anything, everything will happen when one least wants it too..."Murphy's Law " anyone? That Murf is always close by around some corner ready to pop out at any moment, one must always be aware and never step too quickly in fear of tripping over him, we tripped this AM. We headed for the gym same time while wearing our Santa hats this morning, working on making work fun, had a few laughs as always with the rest of the gang there. We left all sweaty and being such a drab ,dreary ,wet rainy day here in the Maritime's, I suggested to Chuck that we should stop by the post office first before heading home to then hopefully stay in the rest of the day. So we did just that. He jumps out ,very busy there, gets the mail and we are ready to back out, yes you can see where I am going ,but, don't ruin it for me?do let me tell...long story short, there is a truck with a large dent in the back in the shape of our broken tail light. Now the fun begins, remember, we had just come from the gym and we only literally live if two blocks away so Chuck did not have his wallet ,only the car keys, we will never leave home without such things ever again, I promise. Now to our luck, the Mountie car which was coming from down the road and only maybe two cars back from the truck we hit ,kept on going and didn't even bother or noticed what had happened, the truck driver who we later found out knew of us, Oh ,can that be good? Anyway the truck driver did not freak and stop right there but peacefully drove into another empty parking space and business was taken care of then. But gee, no business card or license to be had from us. Thank you ,out there Mr. Truck Driver for being so nice . Off we drove after picking up the pieces of our tail light ,realizing that we were going to end up at the end of the day with a bit of a bill...but lucky to have hit someone with a big ,kind ,heart. By the time we got home ,I was feeling oh ,so sorry for us ,considering I had an other little personal issue going on in my life at the moment the past few days,I was about to spill with sorry ..sorry, poor ,poor me tears when the phone rang, I looked at Chuck and said you answer ,it must be to do with our fender bender, I can only wish it were a fender bender. But no ,it was a call from Labrador ,from a lovely lady who received a gift of one of my smaller paintings . She told me that this scene was of her family homestead ,now abandoned on the coast of Labrador, she looks across the way to the open sea daily at this old house and buildings where sometimes families raised well up to fourteen children. Smoke rising from the kitchen wood stove chimney and wool long johns hung frozen on the line ,OK another painting I am seeing for in the future . So back to my story, she has commissioned me to do six paintings of this ole place for relatives of hers in the New Year. Amazing how things happen, this commission may not pay for all the damage but will put a dent in to little pun.....Thank you ...
I am sharing with you again pictures of my Felted Santa's who are still looking for a new home for Christmas. Reasonably priced at $60. per in hopes of selling ,give you one guess where the money will go? guessed right, I love smart on the ball folk's. Call me:-)
So my Dears, may the sugar plums dance in your heads and in your bellies ,may your hearts fill with joy , and may you all be blessed with happiness and Health for 2011.
And may you have no excitement such as ours in any way shape or form over the holidays.
Thank you all who bought from me this Christmas , I pray your choices are a great success and I look forward to hearing from you in the New Year.


  1. Vehicle problems here too ... all sorted out now but it has left us flat broke for Xmas. Hopefully, the New Year will be kinder to us both.

  2. Vehicles are expensive whether they are working well or not . A little tradgety always helps us appreciate the good things in life and for us you are bothe one of the good things in life. Hugs and licks from puppy.