Friday, September 17, 2010

still trying to be a carpenter...

well here we have it, my latest carpentry cabinet making project, I am so happy with it and pleased that you can't see it all too up close.
For sometime now I have been measuring, looking , searching second hand shops anywhere to find anything to do just what this piece is going to do and that is be a place to store slippers and shoes and then be able to sit to put them on. Today is Chucks and my 28 th anniversary of marriage and I told him I made this for him, well yes I did :-) remember we have a puppy at times visiting, she will be here today ,little puppies like to chew shoes, she can't find ours now. This was made from a very old heavy door. I had to have Chuck do the skill saw work, I have a chop saw which I feel very independent with but this project needed a skill saw which I have no skill with. I was in great pain with my legs once this was finished, doing any work like this or housework ,painting walls is very hard on my Arthritic legs and feet, but things need to get done and one must find a way of doing it, pain or not. Easy for me to say it today after a pain pill and early night. Look out world, today is another day and well thanks to the rain this day I may be sitting in front of my easel reworking a Conk shell painting I am doing. I will share that with you as it progresses, right now I am in the ..just where to go with it stage.
As we all may ,I feel fall in the air and when that happens I get to nest building inside for Winter, so may take part of the day to putz around thinking... This home is wonderful but very small and one needs to be very creative when looking outside the box when putting furniture in, everything kind of needs double duty(purpose) for instance I use our African Drums as end tables, of course very protected from being damaged with cardboard and small braided mats for the drum tops. In this small home it would be interesting to have a professional take a look and see what they could come up with for space usage. Watching such shows like Oprah in the past and seeing what can be done with small spaces can be interesting and informative but when it comes right down to it and you live in it, common sense takes over. My problem is that I have gotten rid of a lot of big furniture ,tables ,treasures etc. when I moved here to a smaller home but sometimes one wants to keep things which our Mom's owned, the memories when I look at these things out weighs any inconvenience of too much stuff, so I must work with a few interesting pieces and fit them in ,some how :-)


  1. Happy Anniversary!!!! Wow, 28 years, that's quite an accomplishment - your wedding was such an awesome day!

  2. Thanks Spellflinger ,I married you that day as well..:-) now we will have people