Tuesday, September 28, 2010

heavy sea gull fell from the sky

Sunday was a laid back day with a bit of company. As two of our friend's were leaving we discovered a large black back ocean gull and I mean big, it was in my flower garden behind a small garden fence which keeps the dogs from my flowers but obviously not gulls, for there he was,a big boy for sure. We tried to shoo him off,to force him to fly but he wouldn't , letting him out from behind the little fence did not work either. Right then we noticed ,he had apparently regurgitated two chicken legs,feeding these bird's bread is one thing ,meat and chicken especially is bad, chicken bones can splinter if dogs chew them ,and can cause much harm so are very bad.And as in this case and in the past I have found here in town bits of strange looking food which I believe bird's drop while flying over our property So I /we assumed he either ate too much, was too heavy to fly and landed or God forbid maybe it was poisoned which , lets not go there. So here the Gull is running all over our yard afraid of us, trying to fly but can't . Our friend suggests getting a blanket and he offered to catch it for us and put it next door where no one lives and let nature take it's course ,which we would have dealt with that,never would we just leave the bird, but needed to get it out of our yard ,we puppy sit and can you see this Gull and a puppy? I can... We were hoping he would just fly away.

OK,picture our friend running all over the yard chasing this Gull with us all laughing and being of no help at all, at one point he and the bird went missing around one of our buildings, him trying to net it with the blanket, he yells "don't let him get by" and we are all running toward the Gull as it comes around the corner and as I have done in the past many times when chasing cattle through the woods in our Charleston days, I was making more hand jesters and noise then doing any good. And as all this is going on we are all laughing so hard and I, trying to take pictures at the same time.

Finally we got the Gull out from the yard with the blanket as you can see by the photos ,he is very handsome. To our surprise and delight once he was released from the blanket and had more room and we could see he was not thankfully poisoned but simply did not have enough room to take off from behind the fence ,because he was so big. I see a painting in the not too distant future :-) of a gull.

Now to the really funny parts, as our friend is carrying this Gull out from the yard ,his hands full of bird ,his pants are falling down and I am peeing myself at the same time from laughing so hard. So this is what you get when over 50's chase wild animals ,never could it be simple, always funny,even if it is way after the fact... everyday seems to be an adventure in these latter years ,even when we don't leave home. So why this Gull ended up in our yard here in town is beyond us, it had to have come inland because of food and maybe someone did throw this chicken out for the bird's,I hope not... do me a favor out there, pass it along to folk's not to throw out chicken or any meat for these birds, they do drop it at times or as what happened here, and can harm someones pets. I check my yard morning and night because we have pets here, as do our neighbors. I am puppy sitting today and if it becomes too quiet..I always go see whats up, puppies like 2 year old children are amazing at getting into things they shouldn't :-) and hopefully today we won't have any critters besides us here behind our fence. Oh ,one last thing, in Charleston I was very good at catching squirrels in a live trap who were always in my bird feeders , I started to feed the bird's here in town and sure enough ,the word got out into Squirrel ville , I recently have caught two squirrel's, they now live somewhere else,far ,far away, I have the touch when it comes to squirrel's.


  1. This is hilarious! Those gulls bite ya know! hahahaha ... reminds me of the time we found an injured one at Summerville Beach and brought it to the prefabs to live in the Cole's back yard until it's wing healed. By the time we let it go, it had bitten everyone in the neighborhood and was hated by all who ventured near it!