Tuesday, September 21, 2010

a little watercolor and felting this past while..

This week I redid a conk shell painting,made it pop a bit more as well I have been doing a few watercolors this past while and thinking little paintings for greeting cards . This little needle felted fisherman I finished up as well. I had the body made for sometime and just recently decided to make him a fisherman after finding the right props for him. That is always the way when it comes to my needle felted figures ,prop searching. A friend suggested making the Fisherman and maybe other felts into lamps, I like this idea, she is right gives the piece a purpose instead of just something to sit around, we all have so much stuff, maybe I should speak for myself, nah...everyone has too much stuff...but still I would be happy to sell anything to anyone who needs more stuff, how kind of me..gee I am funny today.
I have been trying to work on boat surfaces in prep for winter, unlike canvas these pieces must be prepared first outside and primed then stored for when I want them. Every fall I dig through my boat piece pile which is getting smaller every year, we not being the rock climbers beach combers we use to be in our younger more energetic climb and carry anything for miles years. Reminds me of our Little Tancook adventures with our Tankcook friends ,we would drive his old truck down to the far shore , so much fun driving over and through the woods and shore to then park and start walking for miles and miles ,dragging back some of the most wonderful treasured boat pieces to become some great paintings which are hanging all over the World,I am so proud to say and in most cases with the bigger paintings for sure I have met all those who bought from me and sometimes have been sent a picture of my painting on their wall, a very special feeling indeed. Thank you all for your support by liking what I do, you give me great inspiration.
This morning on my bike ride around 9AM I found the wind very raw but by the end of my ride I was stripping down ,just now I was outside and the wind again has a bitter feel to it, the Maritimes ...one needs to layer.
My plan in the next couple of days is to give some thought to needle felted Santa's, I am not doing any shows this Season but hopefully someone will find me here,otherwise I will be well stocked for next Summer, and fingers crossed we get another ferry out of Yarmouth and maybe see a few more Americans next year. This Summer I met a lot of folk's from here in the Maritimes and Ontario. The only Europeans really were friend's who have come back, years ago when we lived in Charleston we would arrive home days and have German and Swiss couples sitting waiting for us on our big rock out front, back then whenever out you would hear the German language , we made a lot of dear friend's over the years , some with their dream of Living in Canada came to be and others for different reasons had to return and sell their dream homes , many of them return for visits and we pray the few we have not seen in a few years will again bless our home with their company. And hopefully this ole World starts to come again to it's feet and people will be able to afford to travel. There were a few folk's this Summer drop by from the States ,again, some who we see every year but with this ferry issue or lack of the Cat Ferry we had way fewer then other recent years.
As an old Farmer friend always says"Better days ahead"

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  1. Love the crow painting - and the conch painting reminds me of Georgia O'Keefe's work.