Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 All ready?

Happy New Year!!
This is my latest piece, started before and worked on at White Point and since days. I title it" Can i help you ?" I am excited at the thoughts of needle felted pieces I have planned so far for 2014. I joke with people because of being seen at our local 2nd hand shops in town on a regular basis, saying "I'm really not  a hoarder, really I'm not." What I do is search for just that right prop for these pieces. And..I have these past Months found some great ones and look forward to incorporating them into future fun sculptures.
This past year has been at times a challenge ,I believe that comes with this age business of getting older. But in that same breath has also been interesting and wonderful. Again with age we see this more and more as we not always grow gracefully long in the tooth. By the time we have done our time and have taken on many years under our belts we find that we are old and tired and don't really care to change the world. Making due with what we have and being thankful for every minute. Spending time with special like minded people and sharing our old wisdom with those who appreciate it. This past year has been a whirlwind for me with the loss of a dear friend in July who I didn't have the privilege of knowing all my life but what time we had together we laughed a lot. Thank you "Lady P" which I fondly referred to her as. Then my "Kid's" my art students who have put a smile on my face and a light in my heart with their enthusiasm in all that they create. Funny how children have no fear when it comes to creating art in any form, adults on the other hand I find sometimes are too quick at saying 'I can't do that" come on give it a try, it may not look like mine or yours and never should ,for it is yours and you made it, what more could you ask for.
The weather, lets talk about the weather!! what is this silly winter all about, bring on whatever but Mother Nature ? please make up your mind? We were as I am sure many out there are doing as well and that would be remanissing about Winters past. Remembering snow, sledding, sking all that fun stuff ,playing in the snow. Now don't get me wrong , I can't shovel anymore but these funny strange winters are unhealthy.
  I don't believe in this New Years resolution stuff or diets for that matter, I never will make a promise even to myself unless I really feel I can do it, I will take one day at a time and promise nothing more then 24 hours at a time. That way i won't be let down. I have decided to make a change to myself with the help of someone else, it will happen this Friday january 3rd. 2014 at 2 PM, can anyone guess? LOL  New year ,New me? we will see.
    So bring it on 2014, it will be what it will be and that would be what we make it!! That said : May all your dreams come to be and all your days filled with glee!   

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