Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A busy 61st year

Yes today is the first day of my 61st year. And  yes I have been thankfully very busy with a great deal of happiness this past year in my life. With of course sadness as well ,no chances of perfection in this big sky. Last Summer we lost a great friend ,someone who came to me late in my life but came to me strong and true. I have come to realize in my many years that we can not let these life changes get us down to the point that we get sick. Some things we simply can't change , we need to learn and with age we do learn to cope with our life trees being shaken.  I am making ,creating, shareing and not having enough time or energy to get into any mischief at this ripe age. There is nothing I need ,nothing that money can buy that is. We all could use better health and a warmer ,perfect climate would be nice. None of these things can be bought, oh sorry yes we could buy a better climate with a ticket somewhere else, but I am quite content adding a sweater and turning the heat up to be here in this sweet part of the World where when walking down the street the smiles and waves are many. We try and share our energy and time as much as we can at our local nurseing home and Wickwire school. One day at the Nurseing home I had the sweetest thing said to me. I regonized a Dear lady from my childhood and went up to her and gently touched her shoulder  and said" Hello how nice to see you , you may not remember me?" She then said "Why yes you are little Debbie Sponagle" Well inside I was cracking up and at the same time welling up with tears at the thought of being called little Debbie, for these days little is not how I refer to myself. But this was very touching indeed. My art studants are filling a void in my heart that I was afraid was going to be lost . For years I did face painting at festivals and events all over the Maritimes as well as work shops with children at schools and special events but these days we don't travel far so I am thankful to work with these creative children and parents. I have many ideas for Summer Tourist season ,having been something I have been doing ever since our Craft Shop days way back now in 1978 in Lunenburg ,some of you may remember "The Copper Doll house". Then we started travelling to do shows which was fun but exhausting at the same time, but oh the memories and the wonderful other Artists that we met over those years. Back in those days we didn't have the internet to stay intouch but have been able to reconnect with many from back then since. I have decided not to do shows anymore ,and in saying that well maybe one or so it all depends on time and location. But I can't stop doing what I do and that is making stuff ,that just seems to be me. And me is what you see and get, back to my 61st year, when one must be happy in ones own skin and do what makes one happy and fulfilled!! And that I am. OK now to introduce you to my newest needle felted charactor "Ethel" the mouse. Ethel is the main charactor in my newest Childrens book that I am working on, I will be starting the art work for it very soon now that I have received my  new watercolor pencils from Sissy (Michele) thank you ,I love them, if you don't know watercolor pencils, check them out, they are nice. This little mouse will have many adventures to share and I look forward to the day of her introduction in words. But here she is in needle felting. My new friend "Ethel" or Ethel's ,all one of a kind.
I will be introducing Ethel to the public this weekend Sat. Feb. 22nd while I am at White Point Beach Resort as Artist in Residence for the afternoon. One can never go wrong spending time at white Point. I will be working on a couple more Ethel's this week for the occasion ,they are so cute all together. As well I will be working on something needle felted and watching the waves and ocean and dreaming of warm sun and spring while there, I may even enjoy a beer , for I find a cold glass of beer which I very seldom indulge in but at WP it tastes so GOOD!!. So I leave you with my birthday wise for all . May you make everyday special and great for it is all up to us, our lives are in our own hands, hold unto it well and strong!! And share a good chuckle with all you meet!!

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