Friday, September 13, 2013

Excitment in the air

Yes everyone is excited with the beginning of another school year, new cloths, new friends and seeing old friends and teachers. As well swim goggles have been put away for the winter and art brushes and smocks ready for fresh paint. Here are a couple photos of two of my girls who have been learning how to rug hook, in my previous blog writing you can see these two creative young ladies while working on their projects and here they are with their finished table mats and a wonderful job they did. They were very patient considering something like this does not happen over night. I have plans to teach all my students rug hooking but we will all be working on the same project thanks to one of my Moms giving me an unfinished project of hers which is big enough for everyone to have a hand in and the plan is when finished to hopefully sell this piece and to donate the money made to our local SPCA animal shelter /rescue, this way they learn the craft and sharing at the same time. Last Christmas we did a craft show at our local fire dept. and we will be there again this November, date and time will be announced closer to the show. The kids will be working on special projects just for the show, they are excited about selling their art and making some money for themselves or if in the case that they don't sell all of their work they then will have special pieces of art to give as gifts to their friends and families. Last year they painted mussel shells like Santa's and sold them to raise money for the SPCA with over $90.00 donated. great job guys, very kind of you to think of animals in need. Below is a picture of "The Boys" who were back from a summer of fun. They finished their paintings and asked if they could take a moment and visit the "Bird House" which is a small guest cottage we have here, the kids love this magical little building with maps from all over the world plastered all over the walls , fun books to read and even a ukulele to play as you can see in in the picture. Then here below is a picture of a few of the girls showing off their wonderful art and smiles! There is no stopping these young minds, they have no fear when it comes to creating ,there is no right, there is no wrong in art. Art is created from the heart of the artist and enjoyed by those who see and feel the love of what lies before them.  

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