Friday, August 2, 2013

A picture pretty well says it all, "Fun in Art"

As the title says "Fun in Art" Let me first explain the mask on this fine young man, we were doing copper repose and when finishing the piece we wear a mask because we work with steel wool and Kiefer wanted to keep his on. That too can be fun. As you look through these pictures you will see a lot of smiles. As well take note of the concentration
and dedication these fine young people have with all they create . I believe we all have these abilities and as we grow into adulthood we forget and are way too quick to say"I can't do that" for, yes you can, your work may not look like everyone else's because it is yours , so take a moment and find your young at heart and say"yes I can do that". This Summer has flown by so quickly and I have been tardy at writing here in my blog. So this morning I thought I would sit and share these wonderful photos of some great kids with you all and I again have a busy day ahead so let me leave you with one thought"Yes you can!"
And How I could have forgotten to upload this wonderful picture taken just yesterday. I know ,I was so rushed this morning I skipped over this great shot. Then it seems that I had one of those ,well, you know "senior moments"I thought I had a private lesson today but discovered that indeed that I had mis-scheduled and written down the wrong date, so am taking a moment to update today's posting and then ready for dinner with our old friend who is home for a visit ,we shall break bread together. Until next time.

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