Monday, October 11, 2010

a lovely wedding

Sunday 10/10/10 was a wonderful sunny day for a wedding and as everyone is saying the magic day to get married.

Meet Yvonne and Kenny. We had a delicious Turkey dinner to share with them as Mr. and Mrs. It was very special like Chuck and I the Minister was a friend of theirs, Yvonne works for the Church, and it makes it all so special to be united in Marriage by someone who really does know you . Here is a shot of Ken alone,I wanted you to see what a wonderful smile this man has.And his beautiful wife Yvonne. None of us there thought we would ever see Kenny married let alone a Church wedding and tie...Ken you did it...Congrats!!! or should I say Yvonne ,you did it...:-) for he fell head over heels for a fine Lady.
Today Thanksgiving Day ,as well as breaking bread again with love ones and after my early bike ride ,my plan is to get my mats varnished and have them here for you to see tomorrow.

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