Sunday, October 10, 2010

a heavy wedding presant

Happy Thanksgiving to all us Canadians and all who have in the past celebrated with us this wonderful time of year.

I have been painting mats since last I wrote here. But today I am off to a very special wedding ,someone we know from back in our living on the farm days. This young man ,well today he is not so young anymore but this evening he will be a married man and we so look forward to witnessing this glorious day with him. A lovely couple who found each other and we wish them many years of togetherness. Here is a picture of our wedding present for them and it's packaging. He gave me a couple old rotary saw blades which weigh somewhere 25 plus LBS. They raise Highland Cattle,so here we have it. More then likely it will take the two of us to carry this into the reception for sure.

Next week I will share with you the couple other mats I have done since my last writings,or almost done for I am waiting for a good day to finish with the varnishing of them. One is of the "Mona Lisa" yes and I am very happy with it so I look forward to sharing it here with you within the next couple of days. I bought some more cushion floor and made sure to buy the expensive flooring which does not curl,it lays flat because of the good quality and can be painted on the wrong side leaving the pattern as the bottom,the texture on the back side is so nice to paint on ,it paints up like a fine canvas,excitement floods me thinking of future mats.

As well , I got a call from someone in the US who bought one of our "Sea People" figurines from years back .She ordered some for her new shop to open in the Spring 2011, I Will share more of this with you as I start to sculpt the heads next week for them and also once she is closer to opening I will share then her shop info,so you can visit online or in person if you are near.Here now I will show you above a couple pictures of our Sea People who we have been making for so many years , as I mentioned in an older blog installment about how we became the Sea People in the first place back in 1978 in Lunenburg Nova Scotia.

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