Sunday, October 31, 2010

knowing where your favorite pieces go

Yesterday was a great day, we had surprise company, Laurna who bought our farm, we could never have hand picked better people to buy our little piece of Heaven then the Wallaces, they fit in our old homestead like a glove. Tom was waiting to sell to us and we were meant to pass it along to them . Laurna brought a friend along to meet us Rosanne and I am pleased to say that like so many times before in the past doing shows and selling I have had the pleasure to meet the people who fall in Love with these special pieces, and again this was the case yesterday, meet Rosanne and the felted piece she now was one of my favorite pieces my European Market lady on her special Bicycle as you can see in the photo. I changed the eye color for her and this piece means a lot to her, she fell in Love with it right away..I was so pleased to have it go to someone who really appreciates it and to have met her .
Here we have Chuck and I celebrating Halloween by pounding on our drums and singing a few tunes after the girl's left, I am not kidding when I say ,we march to our own drums:-)really drumming is wonderful exercise and fills your heart ,mind and whole body with joy , we just may have to do it again today, hows about everyday.Do you like our new hair cuts and dye jobs?
I found the other day the most wonderful little chair and my plan for it is a Santa, it looks like it will be perfect, so that will be my next feltie to be made after I finish my Frenchy painting. Hard to believe really that Christmas is in the air, seems like yes ,just the other day I was biking with bare arms and standing outside with bare feet...I think those days are done for a few Months..time to get the socks out.

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