Sunday, May 4, 2014

Spring has sprung

Yes Spring has sprung, and we are  happy to feel the warm sun on our skin yet again after such a long Winter. I was going to wait for a rainy day to write but early Sunday morning works just as well. As I sit here looking outside at another sunny day I am waiting for the sun to warm the air enough for my daily bike ride that I am thrilled to be back at after many long cold months. There is so much work to be done outside, yes way less then when we lived on the farm but less is hard when the old bod is older and work becomes much more difficult, even the fun stuff, but one needs to keep going for it seems I must have let the hired help go because I look around and its just we two here doing it all. So we will plow away at it and enjoy the benefits at the end when we can relax and watch the beautiful world around us on a hot day in the shade enjoying a cold one.
   In these pictures you can see these wonderful talented kids who I refer to as "The Boys" The little boys and the big boys. Melts my heart to look at their great paintings. These boys worked very hard over the past few weeks and finally were able to take their master pieces home. One boy left without getting his picture taken sadly so here we have the two older brothers with complete works. Then we have my little brothers who blew me away with the great job they did. Their younger  brother wanted to get in the pic so here are all three its a bit blurry you try and get three little guys to stand still. But look at their ties in the photo, last week was our Local Music Festival and along with these fine looking young men all the children were sharing their talents with us all week long. We do the school breakfast program and first thing last Monday morning we were greeted by children all dressed and excited to hit the stage . It's so sweet when they come through the line and want to show me their new dresses,jewerly and shoes, little ladies and Gents all dressed up with somewhere to go. The boys with their little ties on, I always say to them"I love a man in a tie" and I always get the sweetest smiles. I know that it is the same everywhere, but Liverpool has always had some great talent come out of it over the years . So many but just to mention two who everyone has heard of Carol Baker and Hank Snow and so so many more and many many more yet to come.Way to go Liverpool Nova Scotia!
  Watching these kids this week takes me back to when I was a little girl and remembering how excited I was to stand on that stage and sing my little heart out in my nice crisp crinolin and dress and patent leather shoes with my hair all curled and even when one time I was sick I still got up there and gave it my all. I loved music festival week and can remember my solo teacher Dorothy Killiam . I can see in my minds eye still her piano and the music room to the left as you went in her home. I remained friends with her over the years, she was a special lady who helped make a difference in my life. Being friends with her daughter growing up kept me in touch with her. I will always be thankful for this wonderful lady. Thank you Mrs. Killiam I am sure you are busy with a choir of Angels .
  There is so much happening in the next many months around town. Hank Snow celebration then Liverpool International Theatre Festival. The old town is a buzz and these things will bring us into a great warm summer and Privateer Days and then bring on the lazy days of summer and sun.

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  1. Always a great start of a day when i read a post from Ms. Debbie Doodles.You have made a difference in so many lives & i for one thank you.Wish my kids were young again they would so enjoy you & if the grand kids were here they would be!! loves ya both,jude