Saturday, January 21, 2012

Reading for Seniors

Here is a picture taken the day I was at Hillsview acres reading my book"Lu lu Belle the Happy Puppy" to the residents there. This had to be one of the most heart warming moments in my life. They were all so sweet .We took the two dogs with us ,both stars in my book, Lu Lu Belle herself and Miss Laura our Diva who we doggy sit on a regular basis. You can just imagine how well these dogs were received there.
It was a wonderful sunny day to do something so rewarding. I am about to begin writing my new story which is running in my head daily, but will wait until after The Full Monty at the Astor Theatre Feb. 10-12 ,17-19 I have been helping with the set, which is very involved indeed. You won't want to miss this play ,the work not only with the very involved set but the work by the Actors ,Directors and Crew it should be a great show!!! Because I have been very busy painting at the Astor, any art here has been on hold. Usually in years past I would be locked up inside a warm house watching it snow outside while I paint away . These days on the South Shore of our Nova Scotia one day is like Spring ,next day cold and back again to Spring. There is so much always to do inside and out,I sometimes wish I could split into two and get more done.
The other day poor Chuck was beside himself ,I had the day off from the Theatre so decided to tackle the upstairs here, our home is tiny compared to our old farm house we left 7 years ago now and I must be creative at making this smaller space work for us. We don't have a spare bedroom and one night I kept Chuck awake with my coughing so I thought and thought and have made a space for a single bed so one or the other can get away and sleep somewheres else to give the other a peaceful nights sleep.
Regarding future product, I have been collecting some very interesting pieces for a couple ideas I have for benches or what I call boot bins. These will be worked on come finer weather and I hope to have a few new things come Spring, never ending ideas . My boat part paintings are all sold and I must get into the shop and prepare some new surfaces for painting. The boat parts are harder to find these days but I still have some very interesting pieces which I have had for sometime and I look forward to seeing them done, for they are very unique pieces that have been waiting to come to life again.

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  1. It's good to see you are having fun and keeping busy these chilly days of January. Belle misses you bothe.